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Week 9

Busy as usual, Jelilat's penultimate week of her first term included lots of work for class and some time reserved for fun.

Busy as usual, Jelilat's penultimate week of her first term included lots of work for class and some time reserved for fun.

Monday I had my morning dose of calculus, and then headed to yoga in Cowling gym. After a brief slow-flow session, I headed to Laird Hall’s basement, where the SWA, or Student Health and Wellness Services, office is located. There I picked up a sun lamp since the gloomy weather of finter (fall + winter) sucked the color out of my skin, and affected my mood.The sun lamps are free for students to check out for three weeks and rechecked as needed. They simulate the rays of the absentee sun, especially during the winter.

Tuesday I had a pretty busy day going from classes, and completing my homework in between classes. Later in the evening, my RA and floormates headed to the Chapel, where Reverend Al Sharpton spoke to the Carleton student body. It was an interesting talk with various points of view about activism in the past and the present. Shortly afterwards, I registered for my courses for winter term, and spent the remainder of the evening writing my argument on Ntozake Shange’s chorepoem,For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Was Enuf.”

Wednesday I spent much of my day piecing-together my argument essay and doing some calculus homework. To end the night on a far-less depressing and overwhelming note, I watched Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove with my A&I course mates. It was a satirical look at what would happen if the wrong person got hold of controls over the U.S.’s nuclear weaponry during the height of the Cold War with Russia.

Thursday I had a very nice lunch at Burton dining hall. From there, I headed to Willis Hall for a TRIO-sponsored financial aid workshop. I gained valuable information regarding submission of my FAFSA and other materials. Additionally, my advisor was there so we were able to hammer out the kinks in my schedule to have more balance. As usual, Arabic is a constant in my life. I am also taking yoga again, a philosophy class on Love & Friendship, a contemporary dance class, and a watercolor course that I am really excited about!

Friday This day was hectic! I went straight from calc to the Libe for my appointment with a writing center tutor who really helped put things into perspective on my argument about “For Colored Girls.” After inhaling a beautifully-glazed and just as delicious classic chocolate donut at the Writing Center, I hustled over to Leighton Hall to meet with Candace Koen in the Business Office to discuss my work study hours for winter term. Finally, I was able to exhale after my last class. After that, I spent the remainder of the evening chilling out. Very proudly, me and my roommate both were asleep before 10:30!


Saturday So I woke up and realized that I had missed the first snow that stuck to the ground around 11pm the previous night! It’s okay though. Winter is coming. There will be snow. Plenty of it. Soon enough. After a very productive day, I beat my face and took the shuttle to St. Olaf, another college in Northfield, for their KARIBU (African and Caribbean organization) showcase. It was so nice to see so many (beautiful) faces of color thriving! I will definitely have to make more trips down to St. Olaf this winter.

Sunday I finished my math homework on integration and figures with a study buddy! It was awesome! We were attacking problems left to right. Anyways, I am trying to finish my argument on For Colored Girls,” and get my life together for the remainder of the evening.

All the best and remember to smile,

As a selectively-proud Houstonian, Jelilat is undecided in her major, and could be more concerned about her life after college. Meh. She’ll get there. She enjoys thriller novels, compulsive online shopping, and skipping the “It” movie advertisements when they come on. Jelilat also enjoys taking #OutfitofTheDay pics, spending time with people with very loud laughs, and learning more about her fellow peers’ experiences, interests, and perspectives.