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Week 9: T-2 till Spring Break

Eve’s ninth week update includes an elaborate anthropological poster.

Eve’s ninth week update includes an elaborate anthropological poster.

Hello world,

How’s it going? It’s 9th week here at Carleton and things are getting busier in terms of both academics and extracurriculars. The annual Holi and Purim celebration is happening this weekend — a few friends are performing dances at the event — and Chapati will be served for dinner.

I was able to fit in a quick photo shoot last weekend with a model, and another shoot for my Anthropological Thought and Theory final group project. My group is creating two posters embodying the theories of different notable anthropologists throughout the history of anthropology. We’re doing this by displaying a portrait embodying the anthropologist and a still life alluding to the dominant discourse of their time and/or their contemporaries.

The images, which I photographed, are accompanied by text formatted in a shape that echoes the images. For example, Zora’s text description is reminiscent of a spyglass, and Napoleon’s a (very wide) helix (my disk space was full and Photoshop wouldn’t let me make it narrower). This first poster (peep below) was formatted by me:

This is one of two posters my group and I created for an anthropology final project.
Poster #1 for anthropology final project.

Next, I’ll be working on my astronomy project and metalsmithing final. I’ll also be writing an individual explanatory analysis of my final anthropology project. And preparing for my astronomy final exam…

Till next time!

P.S. To check out more of my photo work, visit my website!

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