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Wanna Join Me for Foosball?

Joey recalls his newly-found love for foosball and explores why it's a special part of the Carleton community.

Joey recalls his newly-found love for foosball and explores why it's a special part of the Carleton community.

I didn’t expect to like foosball so much.

By the start of my sophomore year, two of my close friends and I were obsessed with the game. There were multiple occasions where we were in the Burton dining hall, just finishing our meals, and one of us would nod at the other… a nonverbal signal to rush to the nearest foosball table.

Provides an image of Sayles in the wintertime.
Sayles-Hill Campus Center in the winter at night.

Seconds later, we would arrive at Sayles, the student campus center.

This former gymnasium is home to (what my friends and I think is) the best foosball table on campus. It’s a super quick jaunt from other parts of campus; if you want to come from the Libe or Burton dining, your walk will only take maybe 90 seconds.

You’ll run into lots of friends while hanging in Sayles. Carls are hard at work in the ITS computer lab, chatting with each other over salads and chicken fingers from the Sayles Café, and taking breaks from homework while playing games of pool and, of course, foosball.

A lot of my Carleton friendships are founded on fun, social games.

From playing board games to table tennis, Carls love to relax in lounges with each other. New Student Week, our first-year and transfer student orientation, is full of moments where new students get to know each other through late-night hangouts in dorm lounges. I met my friend Molly through a massive, inclusive card game in the Goodhue Superlounge that grew to almost 40 people (it didn’t work for very long, although it was loads of fun).

Why do I like foosball?

A Carl laughs while playing foosball in Sayles.
Molly ’22 laughs while playing foosball at Sayles in February, 2020.

It’s exciting! My friends and I will devote our focus to intense games that leave us yelling and laughing towards the end. However, beyond the fun inherent to the game, it feels good to enjoy something with others in a setting that is safe and welcoming.

Carleton’s many lounges with games are lesser-known campus social spots.

It’s super easy for a student to join another group of Carls playing a game of pool, of foosball, or a board game. Our board game club, which meets in Sayles multiple times each week, is always eager to welcome new members. Table/board games are fun on their own; however, the social structure to which they contribute furthers Carleton’s emphasis on inclusivity.

I’m looking forward to playing more foosball in the future! Carleton has a number of tables on campus — my favorites are in an Evans lounge and in upper Sayles. I’d love to see you there. 🙂

Joey balances his work for the American Studies major with his interests in Educational Studiesclub soccerultimate frisbee, and club cross-country skiing at Carleton. He learned to juggle while growing up in Papillion, Nebraska, and has taught Carleton and middle school students how to juggle through his involvement with the Carleton Juggling F.I.S.H. and a CCCE/TORCH after-school program that teaches juggling and magic at the Northfield Middle School. When not writing satire for the Carleton Salt or dancing with the social dance club, you’ll find Joey playing foosball in Sayles, burrowing into the Libe, or watching Avatar: the Last Airbender in a dorm lounge. Meet the other bloggers!