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Using the STEM Building as a Non-STEM Kid

Stella expounds on Anderson Hall, our STEM building.

Stella expounds on Anderson Hall, our STEM building.

Anderson, Olin, and Hulings Halls all connect to form our science complex which we colloquially refer to as Anderson. The newest building on campus, Anderson finished construction in 2019 and has been flooded with students since then. There are plenty of perks like the state of the art equipment, the maker’s space for potential engineering students, and the labs and classrooms built for students to excel. However, for those of us who do not dedicate our studies to the STEM fields, the building still plays a big role in our academic lives.

anderson views
Some of the Anderson views from study areas

Study Spaces

I end up using Anderson the most as a group study space. Carleton is an academically rigorous institution, and with that comes a decent amount of work. However, Carls tend to turn a study session into a social occasion pretty quickly. Most of the time when I say I’m headed to go “study,” I do a lot less work than I originally intended. Goofing around with my friends and talking for hours while the notebooks and laptops are out but no progress is made is an experience that cannot be replaced.

If I’ve discovered anything during my college experience, it’s that some of the best memories are made when you never intended to make them. Anderson’s copious study rooms have allowed me to create some of the best memories. The ideal location and great space is conducive to consistent bonding amongst friends.

anderson study room
Some of these spaces are our most popular study areas due to the beautiful windows

Schulze Cafe

Carleton’s campus has 3 cafes in addition to the 2 dining halls. The cafes are located in very convenient locations, which is why Anderson is the home of the Schulze cafe. A great place to stop in between classes, Schulze has a lot of a-la-carte options available such as sushi, soup, salads, and sandwiches. I know I can always count on having a snack during a hard core study session in Anderson. And I of course can’t forget to mention Phoebe, the kindest soul who works in Schulze and is always excited to see students.

schulze cafe
Schulze cafe during open hours

Daugherty Atrium

Schulze cafe is located in the Daugherty atrium, an ideally located pit stop in Anderson. This is a great spot to settle down with the food you just bought, hang out with friends, or meet a professor for office hours. If I have some time between classes, the atrium is my ideal place to stop since it’s centrally located between all of the academic buildings but still has everything I need. 

anderson atrium
A picture of the Daugherty atrium from above, with couches and tables shown

Ultimately, Anderson has played a pretty big role in my experience during my first two years at Carleton. Lots of memories have been made there. With the large windows and sunlight it is one of the perfect academic buildings because it is a catch-all spot. If you visit Carleton’s campus you will see Anderson on the tour, so I highly recommend coming to see it in person.

Stella (she/her) is a rising Junior from Minneapolis, MN. She is a Political Science major with minors in SpanishNeuroscience, and Public Policy. Stella is a member of our varsity volleyball team and can explain at length how being an athlete is just one part of her identity at Carleton, not all of it. Around campus, you can find Stella having fun with her coworkers in Admissions, hammocking in the Arb (when it’s not cold), or hanging around in Sayles. She loves to explore the town of Northfield, and tries to find new places to visit as often as possible – especially for some good eats. Meet the other bloggers!