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Twins Win!

Kelly shares photos and stories from the Twins win over the White Sox and how Carleton students engage with the Twin Cities.

Kelly shares photos and stories from the Twins win over the White Sox and how Carleton students engage with the Twin Cities.

The Twins Game

As a proud Chicago Cubs fan (yes, my dog’s name is Wrigley), I was hesitant to commit to being a Twins fan. But after their performance against the Chicago White Sox Monday, I’m about ready to start calling my dog Target (almost)!

For only $13 each, my housemates and I attended one of the most exciting baseball games I’ve ever attended. Not only were water, hot dogs, chips, and nachos all free, the Twins beat the White Sox! Truth be told, any day the White Sox lose is a good day in my book. Twins right fielder, Max Kepler, hit two home runs which set off fireworks above the field.

twins game
The view from our seats, the highest in the stadium!

The Twins solidly won with 8 runs to the White Sox’s 5 runs. Another win of the evening was the weather. It was a warm 80 degrees with the sun shining down. A perfect breeze flowed through the stands combatting the heat. Because we are college students on a budget, we chose the cheapest seats possible which led us to the last possible row of seats in the stadium. Even this was a positive since it allowed us to see the whole field and have a view of Minneapolis we would not have had otherwise.

Kelly & Zoe twins game
As you can see from the photo, we were seated against the fence, the very last row in the stadium. This gave us plenty of room to sing “Take me Out to the Ball Game,” a highlight for my friend Zoë who had never attended a baseball game before.

A Shoutout to My Housemates

The game was also a great opportunity for my summer housemates and me to do some good old-fashioned bonding by heckling the White Sox. Over the summer, I am living in an off-campus house that seniors can live in during the school year. Staying in Northfield over the summer has been a wonderful experience due to the new responsibility of living in a house with other college students, working full time, and getting to meet people I would not have had we not ended up living together.

One of my favorite things about Carleton is how easy it is to make friends with a variety of people. Despite having three grade levels, five different home states, six different summer jobs, seven different majors, and a wide range of interests and activities represented among the seven of us, we have managed to find a lot in common between us all (we all love corn dogs, vegan or otherwise, take card games a little too seriously, and are for sure going to win Dacie Moses House’s upcoming pie making contest).

Our house at the game!

I think it is interesting to note the different jobs we are working over the summer to illustrate the amazing opportunities Carleton provides to its students. From left to right, Larry ’22 is doing research on astrophysics with a Carleton professor while receiving funding through Carleton, Kelly ’23 and Zoë ’23 are working full time for the Admissions office, Will ’22 is learning Azerbaijani through the Critical Language Scholarship (a U.S. Department of State program that Carleton helped him apply for), and Sigrid ’24 is working in the Carleton Arboretum clearing invasive species. Our two other housemates not pictured, Lindsay ’23 and Aishwarya ’23, are both doing paid online internships strengthening their skills in journalism and computer science respectively.

Other things to do in the Cities

While there is so much happening on Carleton’s campus that you could go all four years without leaving, students go into the Twin Cities for fun on occasion. In addition to sporting events, I attended a Maren Morris concert in Minneapolis winter term of my first-year, shopped at Mall of America a few times, and have visited friends at the University of Minnesota. Other popular attractions are going out to eat in the cities and visiting museums. Carleton provides transportation to games, concerts, and theater productions and students can also take the shuttle into the Twin Cities. Thus, it is very accessible to get into the Twin Cities if you are willing to venture outside of Northfield for a day!

Kelly is a rising Junior at Carleton. She is a Psychology major and is considering a minor in Cognitive Science. Her other academic interests include Neuroscience and Educational Studies. Kelly considers Northfield her home as she is spending the summer here as an Admissions Fellow. Outside of the classroom, Kelly enjoys hosting programs for her residents as a Resident Assistant, planning practices for the Womxn’s Club Soccer team where she is one of the captains, and playing the cello in the Carleton Orchestra. Meet the other Bloggers!