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Time Management and Workload

avery discusses the workload at carleton, the trimester system and the pace of classes.

avery discusses the workload at carleton, the trimester system and the pace of classes.

The difference between Week 2 vs. Week 7 of the Trimester system is stark.

Because Carleton is on the Trimester system, we only take our classes for 10 weeks. This means that learning is super fast paced, sometimes influencing the atmosphere of the community. When I first got here, I wasn’t super familiar with marking how I’m doing based on what week of the term it was… Upperclassmen would ask “How is week 5 going for you?”, and I would just say, “same old, same old. lots of work, little time, stress, where do I take breaks?”. You know—the usual stressed college student response. But this term I finally started to realize that the collective is going THROUGH it come week 7…

Something about the pace can get to you…

The sensation of a term at Carleton can sometimes feel like you are being blasted through a tube, not aware of what you are feeling, thinking or doing… This sensation catches me off guard most weeks, because I simply don’t feel like I have the time to stop and check in with myself.

BUT! Upon reflection, it is super important to realize that EVERYONE around you is simultaneously being blasted through their own wonky tubes of time and space. Come week 7, it feels like people start to realize that the term is almost over?? and yet we are just getting used to the race. It can be very overwhelming, but also conforming to know that everyone else is in the same boat with you.

Know that when you come to Carleton, you may not always have difficult classes or coursework, but the PACE and SPEED is FAST!

I wish someone would have told me that the speed at which classes occur during the trimester is unreal at times! SO. MUCH. GETS. PACKED. IN. TO. 10. WEEKS. But know that if it wasn’t doable, none of us would be here. So it is possible! But prioritizing your mental health, your relationships and your happiness is key!

After taking a gap year and exploring the world outside of the classroom, Avery is ready to start her freshman year at Carleton! You can find her out in the Arb trying to identify plant species or in the Libe reading about abolitionist education theory and working class movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Her passions and interests align most with American Studies, Education Studies, and History. Meet the other bloggers!