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Thrifting in Northfield

Aleia writes about fun thrift stores to visit in Northfield, Minnesota.

Aleia writes about fun thrift stores to visit in Northfield, Minnesota.

Between constant debates about which coffee shop is the best (I am a strong defender of the HideAway Coffee Shop), visits to the Sketchy Artist, and enjoying ice cream at the Blast, you may find yourself wanting to stop by one of our many thrift stores. I am an avid lover of thrifting. It’s eco-conscious, affordable, and it helps contribute to local business and community funds. 

Thrifting is a great way to get out on the town with friends. One of me and my friend’s favorite stores to visit is the Bearded Mermaid Bazaar! If you think the name is cool, just wait until you see the inside! The Bearded Mermaid is located right on Division Street South, and it’s a short walk away from Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House (another infamous coffee shop). My friends and I have a tradition of walking to the Bearded Mermaid at the end of every term. We have found some awesome stuff, like this denim blazer! 

Denim Blazer
Aleia smiles with a denim blazer she found at the Bearded Mermaid.

Another awesome thrift store is called the Thrifty Parrot. There are always some great finds in here, but the best find is the owner’s little dog! If you’re lucky, you’ll get to say hello to both of them when you visit. I always feel like the Thrifty Parrot is having a sale, which usually entices me to buy more clothes from there. One of my favorite purchases was this pleated skirt. I wore it to a Paramore concert! 

Aleia smiles at the Paramore Concert.
Aleia smiles at the Paramore Concert in a skirt she bought at the Thrifty Parrot.

My final favorite thrift shop is called Clothes Closet. This shop always has amazing new arrivals, and it’s reasonably priced (so if you want to look nice on a budget, this is a great place). I got this red dress from Clothes Closet, and I have worn it everywhere! While the merchandise is great, the best part about shopping at Clothes Closet is that the profits are donated to the Community Action Center. This is an amazing organization that helps provide food access, housing resources, and customized resources for each person. 

Aleia smiles at the MN Science Museum.
Aleia wears a dress from Clothes Closet to the Minnesota Science Museum.

Thrifting in Northfield is a great way to spend time with friends, and enjoy the beautiful town outside of campus. If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy a weekend, or just check out a few cool places while you visit, I highly recommend all of these different shops!

Around campus you’ll find Aleia (she/her/hers) competing on the varsity swim & dive team, dancing in Synchrony II, and crafting (Aleia also up-cycles clothes!). Her favorite spot on campus is the Gould Library (aka “the Libe”) – be sure to ask her which floor is her favorite!