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Thinking About a Major (As a Freshman)

Avery discusses the American Studies major

Avery discusses the American Studies major

“What major are you?” is a question I have gotten a lot. I haven’t decided what major I will choose, but I have been thinking…

I am taking Introduction to American Studies right now and it is very interesting! We have been deconstructing all things having to do with America—notions of freedom, community, identity, and so on. I would say the content of this course is in my wheelhouse. Which has made me think I may want to pursue American Studies as a major.

What is the American Studies Major?

I have the same question. Upon doing more research, it turns out that American Studies major encompasses a lot of different courses, ranging from economics, political science, linguistics, and so on. It is an interdisciplinary major, meaning in order to complete the major, one has to take classes in many different departments. That is very cool to me! I am excited at the prospect of taking classes that are vast and varied.

Here is a course sampling from the Major:

  • HIST 116 Intro to Indigenous Histories, 1887-present
  • POSC 271 Constitutional Law I
  • RELG 140 Religion and American Culture
  • ENGL 212 Nineteenth-Century American Literature
  • AMST 267 Utopia, Dystopia, and Myopia: Suburbia in Fiction and Scholarship
  • EDUC 344 Teenage Wasteland: Adolescence and the American High School
  • ENGL 252 Caribbean Fiction
  • SOAN 278 Urban Ethnography and the American Experience

Do you have to decide now?

No! I don’t, however, I am thinking about it… Out of all of the majors here at Carleton, I haven’t gotten more excited than I have about American Studies.

Of course, I have till next spring to decide. (All Carleton students declare majors during sophomore spring.) But I am thinking about it! Here is a great link that is filled with helpful information about the major for first year students.

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