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The Unofficial Carleton Tradition: Date Knight!

Jevon tells us about his first Blind Date!

Jevon tells us about his first Blind Date!

Hey Y’all!

It’s finally week nine! It’s a bittersweet moment. It seems like it was yesterday I officially became a Carl. I completed most of my tasks, but as always there’s more to do. Notice the pattern? Looking at the amount of work I had to do vs how soon I would have six weeks to relax made me somewhat content. At the end of week eight, I felt somewhere between extremely stressed and really relaxed.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention I asked my friends to set me up on Date Knight. Date Knight is an event where students can get to know someone new on-campus and attend activities they might not otherwise attend. Apparently, students at Carleton have been putting on Date Knight for a number of years and it has become something only unique to Carleton. Over the years it took on different forms, the most popular a “screw date.” Rumor has it a screw would be placed in your mailbox if you were set up on a date. Learning the history behind it made me wonder why it’s not an official tradition. Stay tuned for my campaign.

My Date Knight

Anyways, I have never been on a blind date before. When I saw this opportunity, I leaped at it. I asked a couple of my close friends to find me a date. This person’s identity was supposed to be kept hidden until the night of the date. Throughout the week it seemed like everyone knew her except me. That being said, everyone was dropping clues to her identity all week but I was nonchalant and would not use the stalkernet (Campus Directory) to find out who she was.

The suspense was worth it! I went to Sayles-Hill looking for my Beast (I was Beauty). And it was great! We went to the A Capella Concert in the Weitz to see some of our friends perform. Shout out to Exit 69! After we went to the Little Nourse theater where they were performing Savitri. This was my first time in the Little Nourse theater, I thought it was pretty cool. We ended our night with a trip to McDonald’s to get Mango-Pineapple smoothies. We both were pretty happy that our date didn’t turn out to be bad. It was the perfect way to end a hectic week.

Until Next Week!

Jevon is a first-year student from the Big Apple. Other than defending that he is an authentic New Yorker (he’s from Long Island), Jevon spends his time immersing himself into Carleton’s vibrant student social atmosphere. He is considering majoring in Biology or Chemistry; either way, Jevon has plenty of time to decide. Meet the Other Bloggers!

Jevon Robinson ’22