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The Return to “Normal?”

Jancyn considers what the new "normal" will look like as Carleton begins to recover from the pandemic.

Jancyn considers what the new "normal" will look like as Carleton begins to recover from the pandemic.

Ever since March of 2020, everything has been “unprecedented,” and we have been forced to constantly adjust to a “new normal.” I think everyone who has come out of the pandemic has learned many things about themselves, the community around them, and how we interact with it, both good and bad.

Carleton’s Resilience During COVID

As a current student, I saw how Carls came together and held each other accountable to protect our community. Adhering to the community covenant was tough and came with many sacrifices, but the outcome was an admittedly successful academic year (in terms of managing COVID). I was able to remain on campus for all three academic terms. I had classes in a variety of instruction methods (virtual, hybrid, and in-person), and my varsity athletics team was able to continue practicing even though we didn’t have a competitive season. 

Summer admissions fellows ready to welcome you back to campus!

A New Normal This Fall

This makes the key points in the 2021-22 plan that all students, staff, and faculty will return for in-person operations in the fall all the more exciting. The in-person reunion of an academic community that supported each other through the pandemic will be fantastic to see. I am a bit apprehensive about eliminating surveillance testing, but I’m calmed by the fact that the school is working with students to procure vaccinations and testing if a student is symptomatic.

women's vb @ MWB
Women’s volleyball team at Midwinter Ball 2020

Exciting Prospects on the Horizon

What I’m most excited about is the return of sports, clubs, and social activities. There’s nothing like cheering on my teammate as she performs in the improv comedy troupe. There’s no replacing in-person COMPs presentations and nodding along like I have any clue what my peers are talking about. Our world has endured a lot and suffered collective trauma from the pandemic, so getting to come together in the activities we love is something I’m looking forward to. 

WVB @ Olaf
Women’s volleyball vs. St Olaf

It’s been almost two years since my last volleyball game in West Gym as well as since my last time coaching men’s volleyball and watching them scream at each other. It’s been over a year since our last in-person Midwinter Ball, and lots longer since we’ve all been together for Convocation. Who knows what a year of “returning to normal” will bring, but I’m excited for the challenge. 

Jancyn is a rising junior from Kansas City, MO. She is a Political Science/IR major and has minors in Public Policy and Spanish. Outside of class, Jancyn serves as a senator on CSA (student senate), plays women’s varsity volleyball, coaches men’s club volleyball, serves as president/founder of the Black Student-Athletes of Carleton, participates in a number of Black student orgs, and works for the Admissions Office! Meet the other Bloggers!