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The Return to Campus

Felix describes his experience coming back to campus after winter break.

Felix describes his experience coming back to campus after winter break.

Hello, readers! For my first blog after winter break, I figured it was appropriate to summarize my experience getting back on campus, and how my first week has been. This blog will walk you through transportation from the MSP airport, moving back in, and starting winter term classes!

Flying Back to Minnesota

As you may know from one of my older blogs, I live in Washington, DC. Campus opened up for students to return on January 1, but with the New Year celebrations, I decided to fly black to Carleton on January 2. It was an early morning for me, as my flight was at 6am! Once I landed in the MSP airport, I grabbed my stuff from baggage claim, and waited until my bus arrived. Carleton has transportation options for students to get around: from the Twin Cities, places further out in Northfield, the airport, etc. After taking the shuttle bus, I got to campus at 10am.

A view of a cloudy sky through the window of a bus.
Driving on the shuttle bus back to campus

Re-Moving In!

As you may know, the Goodhue dorm building is pretty far from campus center. I definitely will be using roller suitcases instead of duffel bags next year, because carrying those bags after a few hours of traveling was not very fun. Either way, I made it to my building and went up to my room, then got to unpacking! Moving back in after winter break is definitely a lot easier than moving in for fall term — there is much less to unpack, and a lot of your stuff is already set up. I was able to put everything in its place within an hour, so afterward, I had lunch and took a nap!

A view of one side of Felix's dorm room, showing a window, 2 desks, and bookshelves.
Back in my dorm!

Winter Term Classes

There was a pretty quick turnaround for classes, as they started the next day, January 3. However, I made sure not to schedule myself and early-morning classes this term, so I only had to be up and about by 11am. As we finished that first half-week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) of classes, I found myself feeling more at home and ready for the term.

In the next few weeks, I’ll probably have some ups and downs of winter term (the weather, my classes, etcetera), but I’m very glad to be back on campus this New Year!

Felix (he/him) from Washington, DC is a freshman at Carleton this year, and is excited to explore campus as the school year begins. Felix is an officer of the Carleton Birding Club as well as an editor with the blog this year, and plans to become an active member of the Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (CANOE), Carls with Artistic Taste (CAT), Equestrian Club, and the Gender & Sexuality Center group. In his free time, Felix enjoys exploring the outdoors, drawing and painting, and listening to music (currently enjoying Hozier, Car Seat Headrest, boygenius, and Yusuf/Cat Stevens).