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The Cave: Live Music and Events For Students, By Students

Fiona shares her experience attending events and working at our student run music venue, The Cave!

Fiona shares her experience attending events and working at our student run music venue, The Cave!

Tucked away on the ground floor of Evans Hall, you’ll find one of the most lively and versatile spaces on campus: The Cave. This music venue is fully student-run and operated, so if you have a vision for a performance or event, you can make it happen!

The Carleton Cave
The entrance to The Cave, located on the left side of Evans Hall.

Working at The Cave

I was first introduced to The Cave during my sophomore year (it was closed during my freshman year because of Covid). After working in the dining hall during my freshman year, I decided that I wanted a change of scenery. After looking at the student job postings, I decided to apply to work at the counter. My job is to serve drinks and snacks, as well as keep the counter looking tidy and inviting.

21st Century Cave | Voice | Carleton College
This is my home during my Cave shifts, the lovely counter.


Other jobs that are available at The Cave include working the sound system at events, as well as marketing events! There are also positions available to manage the counter, sound, marketing, or The Cave as a whole. Managers are also a part of the Student Activities Programming Board. This board coordinates campus events and programs through the Student Activities Office.

What happens at the Cave?

Being a music venue, it’s typical to have student (and occasionally faculty) bands perform. Usually, there will be a band showcase in the fall! Returning bands with loyal fanbases take the stage alongside new bands making their debut. Bands of all styles come to play, everything from pop covers to hard rock to folk! In the past, The Cave has also invited outside artists to perform. A lot of these bands have grown fan bases since coming, such as Gully Boys, Car Seat Headrest, and even Lizzo before she was discovered.


sproncert pic
The main stage at Sproncert. Openers start playing during the daytime, all the way until the main act at 9 pm.


One of the biggest events of the year at The Cave happens every spring: The Battle of the Bands. Several student bands will enter a competition where they are judged by a panel of (primarily) faculty. The ones that make the cut will move on to a second round where they perform longer sets. This round is the final round! Beyond competing for glory, the bands are also vying for a spot on the lineup for Spring Concert (Sproncert, affectionately). The two bands that come out on top get to open Sproncert on a professional stage in front of the entire student body! This past year, the winners of BoB were Paranoid Fiction and Beans of Production.

Other Types of Events

On nights where music isn’t being performed at The Cave, there are usually still events of some sort. Some of the popular weeknight programmings include karaoke and Bob Ross painting. On nights where there are no planned events, students can reserve The Cave to use as a space for their own events. Staff will still be there to serve snacks and work the sound and lighting systems. Things like birthday parties and club socials can be arranged quite easily! The Cave is your oyster, I can’t recommend using this space enough. Pop in for an event when you get the chance, and say hi if you see me behind the counter!

Fiona (she/her) is a rising junior from Stoneham, MA who is majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Philosophy. On campus, Fiona works at Carleton’s music venue, The Cave, and is one of many admissions bloggers who is a DJ on KRLX. She is also a defender on the women’s club lacrosse team, and takes yoga classes wherever they fit into her schedule. In her downtime, you can find Fiona going for walks in the Arboretum, listening to a podcast, or grabbing a dessert from Cakewalk. Meet the other Bloggers!