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The African-Caribbean Association Gala

Bennet recounts his experience at the First Annual ACA Gala hosted by the African-Caribbean Association (ACA).

Bennet recounts his experience at the First Annual ACA Gala hosted by the African-Caribbean Association (ACA).

I was so excited for the first annual African-Caribbean Association (ACA) Gala event ain the Great Hall. I was excited about the event because it was one of the few times in the year I get to dress in African-styled clothes, eat African food, play fun games, and revisit some memories from home through the arts.

The schedule was as follows: photoshoots, Ethiopian food, dance performances, Family Feud, standup comedy, more photoshoots, and an after-party. It was so much better than I expected!


friend group photo
The boys: (left to right) Nahome’26, Robel’26, Me, Mustafe’26, Rajeera’25 (back), Brook’26, Yeabsira,25.


friend group photo
(left to right) Yeabsira’25, Me, Rajeera’25, Marta’25.


friend group photo
Me (left) and Cece’25 (right). We are proud representatives of Cameroon.


friend group photo
Me (right), Georgie’25 (middle), Nate’24 (left).

Ethiopian food

This food was extremely delicious! My plate contained “anjara”, eggs, chicken, beef, and spicy tomato sauce, accompanied by a can of Fanta. While some of my friends were full without even eating half their food, I savored every bit of mine. I decided not to use a meal swipe at dinner because I wanted to enjoy the meal served at the gala. I highly recommend you buy Ethiopian food one day and eat it and feel what I felt. You won’t regret it.

Ethiopian food
Cece’25(left) serving some eggs and chicken to Yeabsira’25(right).
table with friends
This is the table where all my friends gathered to eat and enjoy the event.

Dance performances & stand-up comedy

As a Cameroonian who knows a few Afro-dance moves, I knew that they all nailed it. They were in sync with each other as they performed a group dance. When it came to their individual performances, I already had expectations for what everyone could do. However, Mustafa Abbashar’24 surprised me with his dance moves and Amira Aladetan’24 radiated her energetic personality on stage as well.

aca board members
ACA board members dancing on stage. They were flawless!
Nadine Musa
Nadine Musa’25 spitting some jokes during her standup comedy performance.

Family Feud

Tweets based on facts, opinions, and cultural practices from the African and Caribbean diaspora were presented to everyone. After, we were encouraged to form opinions about what we see with each other. Fair opinions were presented on the tweets that were presented until the tweet about the best African football (I mean… “soccer”) nation raised some very outrageous responses.

family feud
The main source of the “soccer” arguments


The company of my friends and other acquaintances made the occasion one worth experiencing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, I couldn’t have asked for a better night. I’m deeply grateful to members of the ACA board and the ACA community for making this event awesome!



Bennet is from the town of Bamenda, Cameroon. He is currently undecided but looking forward to a double major in Computer Science and CAMS (Cinema and Media Studies). Aside from blogging, Bennet also works for the Office of International Student Life as a Peer Mentor. On campus, he is part of the African and Caribbean Association (ACA), Men’s Club Soccer, and serves as the Public Relations Officer for Men of Color (MOC). He likes spending his free time reading nonfiction books, working out, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.