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Surviving the Polar Vortex

Jevon shares how he survived the coldest winter in Minnesota

Jevon shares how he survived the coldest winter in Minnesota

Hey guys,

I’m alive! Last week we’ve had some crazy weather but I’m good. Every time I complained about how cold it was everyone responded with “Aren’t you from New York? you’re supposed to be used to this.” They couldn’t have been more wrong, I was not feeling the arctic temperatures at all. It took the temperatures to warm up for me to realize that there was so much I could’ve done while it’s still cold outside. I figured that I would make a bucket list of winter activities that I want to attempt before it gets warm.


Broomball is the only winter activity that I won’t be able to do until next year. Although the bald spot drilling is complete there is still some type of construction going on. This is probably Carleton’s favorite winter activity. From my understanding, it’s basically hockey but without the skates and the puck.

Skiing in the Arb and Traying

I really underestimate the Arb sometimes and have been there about four times (not enough). This week I learned that the Arb is open for skiing. I’ve never been skiing before, so I’m really excited to try it. Apparently, students can check out ski equipment through the recreation center. There is no good reason that I didn’t try traying already. There have been plenty of opportunities for me to tray down the side of Evans hill. Maybe I didn’t want to come to terms with Winter but I’m embracing it now.

Frozen Lake?

This is probably one of the items that won’t happen this year but I would love to walk on a Frozen Lake. The pond on campus was frozen over during the polar vortex, but I didn’t walk on it because it was pretty cold. Like really cold. Truth be told I’m actually scared to walk on it.

Although Mid-Winter Ball is not an outdoor activity I’m looking forward to it! Over the last two weeks I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be wearing and to be completely honest with you I have no clue. Hopefully, I’ll stop procrastinating and put together a nice outfit. I’m really excited to check off every item on my small bucket list. If you have any suggestions for fun winter activities you think should be on my bucket tell me!

See you  Next Week!

Jevon is a first-year student from the Big Apple. Other than defending that he is an authentic New Yorker (he’s from Long Island), Jevon spends his time immersing himself into Carleton’s vibrant student social atmosphere. He is considering majoring in Biology or Chemistry; either way, Jevon has plenty of time to decide. Meet the Other Bloggers!