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Sun’s Out!

Jelilat celebrates the arrival of good weather (finally!!!).

Jelilat celebrates the arrival of good weather (finally!!!).

Hey loyal reader! Spring is here! Yes, finally. The birds are out chirping. The snow is melting. Quickly. Rightfully so.

I had a lot of fun this past week. My Tuesday AfroFit class was awesome. I felt really energized and motivated! I have also been working on a sociological paper discussing Annette Lareau’s Unequal Childhoods and how child-rearing practices across different socioeconomic classes impact child development. I had a fun time writing the paper and look forward to learning more!

In the spirit of further learning, I participated in a talk called Banking 101, organized by TRIO, to learn more about effective money management skills and practices as a college student and beyond. In the evening, I practiced with the ACA dance team for our performance at the International Festival this coming Saturday. If you’re on campus, come through to the Great Hall 12-2 p.m.!

In line with the hectic nature of my life here at Carleton, I met with my Writing Center Assistant to discuss the two papers I have coming up and how I can continue making progress. I had a Writing Assistant last term and I enjoyed the extra help in communicating my ideas.

On Thursday, my roommate and I hosted a prospective student for the night. I recall Carleton providing me with a flight voucher to visit campus as an accepted student. I was hosted by a wonderful first-year student who is now a good friend of mine. Visiting Carleton helped in my decision to enroll here, and I would recommend visiting, if feasible.

Friday was a beautiful day. The Sun was shining and there was an air of ease around campus. I am grateful for days like that. I had lunch with a beautiful friend and had fun practicing the ACA dance with some friends. 10/10 day.

I met with some friends at the Rec center and we had an impromptu dance party in the dance studio! Later in the day, I attended a talk on Black Masculinity and how different identities layer masculinity.

I had Sunday brunch with a new friend from my sociology class! I spent the remainder of the day relaxing and admiring myself in a handheld mirror illuminated by the sunlight shining through my window. You would too if you had this face.

Until next time,

As a selectively-proud Houstonian, Jelilat is undecided in her major, and could be more concerned about her life after college. Meh. She’ll get there. She enjoys thriller novels, compulsive online shopping, and skipping the “It” movie advertisements when they come on. Jelilat also enjoys taking #OutfitofTheDay pics, spending time with people with very loud laughs, and learning more about her fellow peers’ experiences, interests, and perspectives.