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Summer Plans During the Pandemic

With uncertainty due to the pandemic, Lita is determined to be creative with her first summer at Carleton. She shares how she plans to utilize online resources!

With uncertainty due to the pandemic, Lita is determined to be creative with her first summer at Carleton. She shares how she plans to utilize online resources!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the United States, I have been staying on campus. I couldn’t fly home due to the uncertainty of coming back. Now, it also makes more sense for me to continue self-isolating and social-distancing at Carleton during the summer. Carleton has been supportive through it all, they have been accommodating to international students who are not able to go back home, the dining hall is still operating, and a few facilities are still left open such as the postal services and Sayles Hill Cafe (for limited hours).

Now, you might think, “Oh man! What are you going to do if you’re stuck on campus for the summer?” Well, you’re in the right place because I’ve got a lot to share with you. Thanks to the willingness of the Carleton Career Center to support students remotely, I’ve been doing career counselling to figure out my summer plans.

Even before the pandemic, I’d been determined to have an independent summer where I work on my own to achieve the goals I set for myself. If you are someone who’s worried about getting internships or job experience with a company, I want you to know that there are still ways to get meaningful and invaluable experiences with a summer program you design for yourself.

As for me, I know that I wanted to improve my computer science and math skills before my sophomore year since I’m working towards a computer science degree at Carleton. So,  I decided to search online for summer courses that are free and available. Luckily, I came across which offers free CS courses and interview/career prep for CS majors in college. I applied for the beginners program designed for freshmen and sophomores and got in!

In fact, classes are starting next week and I am excited to get back to coding; I’ve been taking a break from CS for the spring term and I miss it.

As for improving my math skills, specifically calculus, I am going to use Khan Academy because throughout high school it never failed me and I doubt it will anytime soon! It has been updated so much throughout the years, too. It’s become so versatile in aiding you through both high school AND college too.

Aside from these things, I also wanted to focus on creating healthy habits and writing.

So, for the upcoming months, I will spend more time reading books on forming good habits and good books in general to help me learn how to write a good story. I’ve been using to blog and write my thoughts down, too. I love reading articles and writing on Medium. The website has articles for various subjects such as mental health, business, writing, life experiences, setting goals, etc. and they’ve been very helpful in my personal growth and development as a person. For this summer, I am also determined to write a short novella about life during the ancient Khmer civilization in Cambodia (I’ll keep you posted on that!).

And there’s so much more I want to do, like learning how to make more desserts and training to run a marathon! I am excited for the summer to create projects and produce my own works.

I hope this helps you to think about your summer too. Until next time!

Lita hails all the way from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. When not riding horses, petting them, or sketching a picture of them, she blogs her philosophical brain dumps on Medium. Other than that, Lita is passionate about social impact startups and edu-tech. She plans on majoring in Computer Science, but who knows, she could simply switch to Studio Art and spend her days drawing horses. Hey, that’s why we’re at Carleton, am I right? Meet the other bloggers!