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Study Spots in Northfield

Katie discusses her favorite places to do homework in Northfield.

Katie discusses her favorite places to do homework in Northfield.

There are some great study spots on campus. Some of my favorites include Sayles and my room, but often I like to get outside of the Carleton bubble and study off campus! In this post, I’m going to tell you my favorite places to do homework in Northfield!

Goodbye Blue Monday

A Photo of Goodbye Blue Monday
Interior of Goodbye Blue Monday

Goodbye Blue Monday, or “Blue Monday”, is a small coffee shop a short walk from campus. The walls inside are covered with cool artwork and the smell of coffee is enchanting. I only tend to study there when I have a light work load knowing I’ll end up talking with my fellow Carls who are also “studying” there. It can get a little crowded because it is a popular place for students and the residents of Northfield, but I love the chill atmosphere and the music they play.

My go to drink: Green tea smoothie with a shot of lemon.

The Hideaway Coffeehouse and Wine Bar

Jack drinks Coffee
Jack Moran ’21 enjoys a lavender latte from Hideaway

The Hideaway Coffeehouse and Wine Bar, or “Hideaway”, is also just a few blocks from campus. It offers a quiet place to work and has an atmosphere with more light and space than Blue Monday. The music there is also lovely and their walls are have lots of photographs from local artists. Another one of my favorite things about Hideaway is their outdoor seating!

My go to drink: Iced raspberry mocha

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee or Caribou is a coffee shop chain founded in Minnesota. The Caribou in Northfield is a drive from campus which makes it harder to get to but is perfect for actually getting work done. I tend to go there during finals when I need to write a paper, but don’t want the distraction of other students I know. The atmosphere there is brightened by a lot of windows and the similarly woodsy decorations to all other Caribou coffee stores which reminds me of my Caribou Coffee back home.

My go to drink: Sparkling green tea lemonade with a shot of raspberry


I love working in coffee shops not only for the change of pace from working at Carleton but also the sweet sustenance provided by green tea and coffee that is caffeine. Each place has their own vibe and purpose and I can’t say I could pick a favorite.

Katie is a senior English Major from Chisholm, MN. She is a Resident Assistant (RA) and loves to act in student theatre productions. When she isn’t busy with those you can catch her hanging out with friends in Sayles, drawing in the Arb, reading a cheesy Young Adult novel on the Bald Spot, or spending too much time playing Animal Crossing: New HorizonsMeet the other bloggers!