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Spring Term Highlights

Zoë reflects on several favorite memories from her recently competed spring term.

Zoë reflects on several favorite memories from her recently competed spring term.

As the summer starts, I thought I’d share some spring term highlights! Spring term was ten weeks full of Carleton traditions, school work, and warm weather. Because it was such a fun trimester, I will showcase some of my favorite spring term moments below.

Off-campus dinners

Having a car this academic year came with a number of benefits. Having the ability to go off campus to grab a meal with friends was a perk! From getting pho in Burnsville, to eating a celebratory dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant in Saint Paul, I reveled in the expansive food scene.

Pho dinner with Jeremy!

My friends and I also enjoyed ourselves at Imminent Brewery, a lovely outdoor venue in downtown Northfield. Local food trucks park by the brewery, serving a variety of delicious finger food. A favorite of many Carls, we were certainly not the only students there on a weekend night.

Imminent with Lily and Jeremy!

Frequenting downtown coffee shops

While I have always loved walking into downtown Northfield to buy a beverage, this spring I took advantage of the coffee shops on a regular basis. Little Joy became a cafe that I began to patronize frequently, though Goodbye Blue Monday will always have a special place in my heart. The perfect venues to settle into a study spot and indulge in an iced matcha, I became a real regular on Division Street.

little joy
An iced matcha at Little Joy.
blue monday
The interior of Goodbye Blue Monday.

Enjoying the outdoors

As the weather gradually warmed up, spending time outdoors became a precious pastime. Having picnics on the Mini Bald Spot, going on long walks in the arboretum, and attending bonfires on the Hill of Three Oaks are all popular spring time activities.

The weather was perfect for a long afternoon of Farmstock.
It was a well attended festivity.

Farmstock, a fun outdoor gathering hosted by the Farm interest house was a well attended campus wide event! It was a beautiful sunny day, and people congregated with their friends on the lawn. An array of food was also laid out, and people enjoyed a series of Carleton bands performing on a makeshift stage. Student bands played live music, and even some faculty had their own sets!

hill of three oaks
Celebrating Caroline’s birthday!

Another highlight of spring term was attending a friend’s birthday party on the Hill of Three Oaks. We had a bonfire, roasted marshmallows, and enjoyed each other’s company. It was in the evening as the sun was setting, and so we captured some amazing photos.

My first Sproncert!

Because of the COVID pandemic that cut my freshman year short, this year was my first experience of Sproncert! Sproncert, an abbreviation for “Spring Concert,” draws all of campus to the venue with a large stage, food truck vendors, a photo booth, and lots of lawn space. A couple of excellent student bands kickstarted Sproncert in the early afternoon, and various bands and solo artists performed throughout the day.

My friends and I on the lawn in front of the Sproncert stage.

My favorite singer who performed was Maude Latour, an indie pop artist who just graduated from Columbia University! I wasn’t familiar with Maude’s music before she came to Carleton. After seeing her perform, I became a big fan. My friends and I sampled some of her music before Sproncert, and afterward we couldn’t stop listening to her discography.

A shot from the Sproncert photo booth.

The night ended with the headliner, Duckwrth, who gave the final performance! A stunning showcase of fireworks rounded out the night. 

Zoë (she/her) is a senior Sociology-Anthropology major from South Bend, Indiana who loves traveling and photography. Her sophomore year, she studied abroad in Denmark and started a personal travel blog. When she’s not giving tours and blogging for admissions, Zoë enjoys frequenting the coffee shops in downtown Northfield, luxuriating in long walks in the glorious Arb, playing the cello, participating in club soccer, doing research with her sociology professor, and scoping out delicious plant-based restaurants and recipes. Meet the other bloggers!