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Spring in Northfield

Sherry notes the exciting changes on campus that mark spring's arrival.

Sherry notes the exciting changes on campus that mark spring's arrival.

Having endured cold temperatures for many months, I almost forgot what spring is like. Going outside without a thick jacket and without snow in sight is such an exciting feeling! Though April is behaving very chaotically, it’s heading in a good direction. Spring is finally arriving in Northfield. As traces of spring begin to emerge, I would like to note them down and share them with you.

The campus

Many observable changes are happening on campus. The ice skating rinks at Bald Spot were removed, leaving the bare ground there and waiting for the new grass to grow. This signals a welcome change. The ice on the river has melted, and some flowers have started to sprout. On sunny days, you can see students playing frisbee on the Mini Bald spot, reading books on the chairs along the road, or simply lying down and enjoying the sunshine near the Lyman Lakes. Memories from last fall term all flashed back. The campus feels so lively.

Students sit on the lawn of the Mini Bald Spot
A common scene on the Mini Bald Spot.

The animals

Spring is also a season when animals wake up and return. As the weather gets better, the squirrels and rabbits that were hiding away during winter reappear in troops. You can see them happily eating grass and running around everywhere. Near the Lyman Lakes, ducks and geese are strolling around. One day I passed by two geese. I stared at them, and they also stared at me. Time passed by so slowly in the serene moment.

By the Lyman Lakes

Last Friday, my friend and I took a long walk in the lower arb, which has an area comparable to the whole campus and is like a giant backyard of Carleton. Beside the gorgeous sunset view, we also saw three deer in the arb! It was such a soothing experience, and we really enjoyed being in the nature.

The stunning lower arboretum
Scenes from the arb

The ice cream shop

Not exaggerating, this is the best news of spring for me. I remember clearly how excited I was when I saw the “Open” sign of the ice cream shop in Northfield (called “Blast”) displayed again at the end of March. It closed in early October and is finally open again. As you can expect, I’ve been there almost every weekend to get myself some treats. Their ice cream portions are HUGE and taste so good, with very cheap prices. What could be happier than eating ice cream? With the opening of this shop, I firmly believe my spring term will be much easier.

Our delicious ice cream orders


Despite the improving weather, April may have some surprises in store! The temperature fluctuates, and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s a jacket or a T-shirt day. Rather than snow, rain is a common occurrence. For many people, the most memorable experience was the hail shower last week. With the thunders, all the hail fell onto the ground like rocks. They produced super loud sounds. I was at a meeting at that time, and all of us stopped, walked toward the window, and took out our phones to record this moment. That was the largest hail most of us have ever seen.

What the hail!

Winter has been with us for a while. But from all these changes, I can tell the spring is on its way. See you outside on the Bald Spot!

Sherry is a first-year student from Hangzhou, China, and holds a real passion for travel and food. She is thinking about majoring in Mathematics, but would also like to explore more in Economics, Computer Science, English, and French. Things she likes to do in her free time include hanging out with friends, taking photos, writing random stuff, and finding the funny in everyday life. She also got started with alpine skiing and is always ready for the trip to Welch Village every Friday! Meet the other bloggers!