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Spring Break

Although the term is only 2/3 done, Jacob is looking forward to his trip to Georgia with his ultimate frisbee team.

Although the term is only 2/3 done, Jacob is looking forward to his trip to Georgia with his ultimate frisbee team.

Even though we just passed the halfway point of the term, I can’t help but look ahead to the end of the term and spring break! I have a great two weeks lined up and I can’t wait for it.

I will start off my spring break a little early – final exams go until Wednesday, March 14, but my birthday is on March 13! I already plan on working ahead and finishing my finals before then so that I can celebrate without worrying about the impending doom of exams. My birthday falls in the middle of finals every year, so I am accustomed to spending the full day in the library writing essays and studying for tests. This year I want to change that habit and enjoy the day a little more.

On Wednesday, I will begin the 20-hour drive down to Tybee Island, Georgia with the rest of the Gods of Plastic ultimate team. The drive is long, but worth it! We will stay in houses with Eclipse, Carleton’s DIII Women’s team (and reigning national champions), for one week, and will play a tournament at Georgia Southern University over the weekend. We make this trip every year, and it’s always so much fun. Frisbee, friends, the beach, and the sun unsurprisingly make for a wonderful spring break.

I have not finalized my plans for after the trip to Georgia yet. I might go see my parents in California, but it’s expensive to fly there for such a short period of time. My other option is to drive back to Carleton with friends. We have to get the cars back from Georgia somehow, so we need drivers to volunteer. Moreover, we are thinking of making stops along the way in national parks and cities like Nashville and Chicago. I personally love road trips and think this sounds like a great opportunity to see some beautiful east coast nature and end spring break on a relaxing note. No matter what I do, I’m sure I’ll have a great time.

Looking forward to spring break is exciting, but it also reminds me how much I have to do before then. My three classes are not slowing down, and we have so much to cover in the next four weeks before final exams. The great spring break I have planned is the perfect motivation to work finish the term strong!

Jacob is a junior physics major interested in environmental science, which he is currently studying in Costa Rica (along with Spanish, of course). At Carleton, Jacob enjoys going on outings with CANOE, the outdoors club, and playing ultimate frisbee with the Gods of Plastic, Carleton’s Division III men’s ultimate team.