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Spooky Season

Hallo-weekend featuring Cowling, Diwali, and more!

Hallo-weekend featuring Cowling, Diwali, and more!

Hello world,

This weekend, my good friend and former fellow admissions blogger Chase Garcia visited Carleton! He arrived on Tuesday for 30-Minute sessions at the Career Center, which is an alumni tradition where former Carls visit and students have the chance to sit in 30-minute informational interviews with them.

I signed up for a session with Chase and we talked about his work in San Francisco. It also turns out that Chase will be migrating to the New York branch of his company, so we’ll be moving to NYC around the same time next spring!

On Friday, there was an Off-Campus Studies (OCS) and Board of Trustees dinner. Having been on a contemporary drawing program in NYC my sophomore year and studied abroad in Hong Kong for a term last year, I attended and chatted with numerous trustees about my OCS experiences.

On Saturday, MOSAIC (the South Asian interest group on campus) hosted its annual Diwali celebration. I watched my friends perform bhangra and we all ate Chapati 🙂

That night, Cowling also put on its annual Halloween dance. Chase and I went — he dressed up as a Slytherin, and I went as I was. Over the weekend, we also baked some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies at Dacie Moses. On Sunday, Chase finally caught his flight back to the Bay Area.

On Monday, a paper was due, and I have another reflection I need to write for Wednesday. With 10-week terms, every week is bustling. What are you doing this week, and how was your Halloween weekend?

Stay warm!

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