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Skater Girl

McKenna takes you on a skate trip around campus and into the Northfield neighborhood.

McKenna takes you on a skate trip around campus and into the Northfield neighborhood.

My favorite way to explore campus and the surrounding neighborhood is via my roller-skates. Although biking is the most popular wheeled form of transportation on campus, many students roller-skate or skateboard. There’s even someone who regularly unicycles to class!

A shadow of McKenna on rollerskates
Zoom zoom!

Come along for the ride!

I love to roller-skate because it’s easier on my joints than running and I love coasting down the hills on campus. One of my favorite hills to skate down is right in front of Evans Hall, a dorm where I lived for 2 years.

The hill outside of Evans
This is my favorite hill because it’s pretty long and not too steep! In the winter, the other side of the hill is used for sledding.

Campus is set up really well for skating! Most sidewalks are extra wide and the trees provide some much-appreciated shade in the summer. I typically like to start skating on campus then enter the Northfield neighborhood.

A "No Motor Vehicles" sign on campus
Luckily, my skates don’t count as motor vehicles!

Into the Neighborhood

All of the roads near Carleton have dedicated bike lanes. I think this speaks to the overall appreciation for more sustainable forms of travel. It also makes it easier to skate, bike, or board in the road.

A neighborhood road with designated bike lanes
Safety first!

One of my favorite things about roller-skating in the neighborhood are these adorable little lending libraries! There are many of them scattered throughout Northfield. I’ve borrowed some really good books from these. When looking for non-academic books, I also enjoy frequenting the Northfield Public Library.

A small lending library and a seed library
This one also had a seed library!

The last place I like to stop on my trips is the skate park. It takes me about 5 minutes to get there from campus and I love doing tricks! In the summer, this park is also home to a public pool.

McKenna at the Northfield Skate Park
This is a popular place, so expect to see a few kids from town doing amazing tricks!

Ride by the Numbers

Time to get from the observatory to the Weitz: 5 minutes 30 seconds

Time to get from Burton to Watson: 4 minutes 30 seconds

Dogs spotted: 3

Rabbits seen: 5

Times I almost fell: 2 (glad I was wearing a helmet!)

McKenna is a Russian and Psychology double major who is thrilled to be spending the summer in Minnesota! On campus, she’s often designing lights for a student performance, speaking Russian in Parish house, or grabbing a meal with friends. She’s also a proud member of the Carleton Equestrian Team. Off campus, she participates in the CLS Program and is a tutor with Paper AirplanesMeet the other Bloggers!