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Cuban Photography and Film Exhibition

Lita took some time to visit the new exhibition in the Perlman Teaching Museum with a couple of her friends. Let's see her thoughts on it!

Lita took some time to visit the new exhibition in the Perlman Teaching Museum with a couple of her friends. Let's see her thoughts on it!

As part of my work-study, I work as a Promotional Assistant at the Weitz Center for Creativity. It’s pretty exciting to be in the loop of everything arts at Carleton. From week to week, I’m just so hyped to see the many artist talks, musical performances, film screenings, and exhibitions that take place on campus.

It is simply a must to take some time out of your week to attend performances and get to know the theater department! And did I mention that these shows and performances are usually free?!? Yep, so there’s no excuse not to go.

So, here’s what’s up with the current exhibition we have right now.

Where is it from?

The current exhibition is called “Site Specific: Contemporary Cuban Photography and Film.” It’s part of the Madeleine P. Plonsker Collection of Contemporary Cuban Photography. Works of 25 artists are presented currently in our exhibition and Plonsker characterizes the works as representations of the artists’ “restless energy, controlled by infinite patience.”

So how did I go through the exhibition and what did I think of it?

Going to an arts exhibition can be intimidating, I totally understand. I mean, at first I was shy to go to art events and theatre shows because I’ve just never done it before.

But, now that I’ve gone, I want to share some tips!

I would recommend that you grab a friend or two who you think would appreciate learning and gleaning new insights from the exhibition.

For this exhibition, I brought a few friends along. We walked around together, and then separately sometimes. We would take time to walk around and then gather back at the center with the cozy sofas, vinyl record player, and a table full of cool books.

It’s also very calming to come to the exhibition on your own, and take the time to reflect through these works too. You’d be surprised by what you learn about yourself from this experience. I find most art works have a way of humbling me by allowing me time to reflect and consider that there’s so much more than just assignments and homework to my life at college. I enjoy being reminded of that.

How do we talk about what we see? How do we process it?

Well, I tend talk about which are my favorite pieces and which ones confuse me (art can be confusing! and that’s okay). My friends and I would put on a vinyl record and just discuss about what we learned from the exhibition about the energy of the artists and how it’s making us curious to check out Cuban culture and wanting to go to Cuba!

So what are you waiting for! Come on to see the exhibition at the Perlman Teaching Musuem. It’s up from January 10th to April 26th, 2020.

There’s also a reception and artists’ talk on February 28th. If you’re curious, come check it out!

Lita hails all the way from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. When not riding horses, petting them, or sketching a picture of them, she blogs her philosophical brain dumps on Medium. Other than that, Lita is passionate about social impact startups and edu-tech. She plans on majoring in Computer Science, but who knows, she could simply switch to Studio Art and spend her days drawing horses. Hey, that’s why we’re at Carleton, am I right? Meet the other bloggers!

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