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Sharing of Hobbies !

Lettu and Art share skills they have been learning, like riding a bike and playing the piano.

Lettu and Art share skills they have been learning, like riding a bike and playing the piano.

College is a time when we develop and gain new skills. Being surrounded by so many talented peers and staff, every person you meet will become an opportunity to learn something new.

During the summer prior to my freshman year, I made a good friend named Art O through a Carleton summer program. One day, during a casual conversation, I mentioned I haven’t mastered riding a bike, and ironically Art was a frequent bike rider. Furthermore, he stated that he wanted to learn how to play the piano, and I had taken piano lessons for several years. After realizing we had each other’s missing skill sets, we decided to teach each other!

Since freshman fall term Art has been showing me how to ride a bike, and likewise, I have been teaching him how to play the piano! This blog post is written by Art O and Me, as we alternate to explain our experiences with teaching and learning.

Lettu: What Was It Like Learning to Ride a Bike 

The first few lessons from Art were actually terrifying! Not because of Art, but because I was terrified of falling. A fundamental part of riding a bike is learning how to balance on something that naturally tilts, so I constantly was about to fall. Gradually as I went to more sessions, that feeling subsided. Now, I look forward to lessons each week!

Art: What Was It Like Teaching Someone how to Ride a Bike 

Me and Art on bike lesson day

I view riding a bike as an important life skill. At first, the thought of someone grown not knowing how to ride a bike had taken me aback, but I figured this was an opportunity to pass along a skill to someone new. We started out learning in an empty parking lot near LDC. At first, I showed her how to balance on a bike. Then we proceeded to breaking and turning. She’s a fast learner and was determined to get it down on her own! I hope to see her zooming around Carleton in the near future.

Art: What Was It Like Learning to Play the Piano  

Art on the day of our Practice

I had learned basic piano techniques during elementary and early middle school. However, when I entered high school, this hobby got pushed aside due to other priorities. The piano had been something I missed and wanted to develop. When I first saw Lettu play the piano, I was amazed because she was very talented and experienced. Now relearning the basics hasn’t been too difficult. However, reading notes was tricky, especially when I started playing with both hands. I know learning the piano is quite a commitment, but I love practicing and appreciate the new skill that I’m slowly developing.

Lettu: What Was It Like Teaching Someone how to Play the Piano  

Me and art by the Piano


Giving Art lessons gives me the chance to go down memory lane. As I remember what techniques I used to learn, I try to find an effective way to teach him. I have to say it has been a process learning how to break down complex information into bits of pieces. However, Art is always ready for a challenge and is fascinated with the intricacies of the piano. It is rewarding teaching him to develop his musical skills because I can see he is very passionate about it!

It is an interesting feeling taking the role of a teacher and a student simultaneously, but it has given us the chance to develop a deeper understanding of our personal skills!

This is Lettu Konshie and she is an incoming freshman at Carleton College. Lettu hopes to spend her freshman year getting to know her peers and exploring the town of Northfield! During her free time, she loves to read and watch movies that explore new ideas, concepts, or lifestyles. Meet the other bloggers!