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Finding & Utilizing Resources on Campus

Ethan shares his experience of finding and utilizing resources at Carleton and reflects on ways to handle all the exciting things that Carleton has to offer

Ethan shares his experience of finding and utilizing resources at Carleton and reflects on ways to handle all the exciting things that Carleton has to offer

Hello again! So, since my last post that included resources such as the Music Resource Center and the piano practice room in the basement of Weitz, I have discovered even more that fits my interests and decided to share them here! (BTW I took the title picture, it’s unrelated to this post I know, but I just want to share the view of Lyman Lakes.)

Last Thursday, I attended the Student Band Union’s orientation of the Goodhue Rehearsal Room and I’m super excited to practice drums there (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, so take a look in the link above if you want to see what it looks like). This is why attending events like the activity fair is important! I wouldn’t have known about the orientation if I wasn’t present at the fair.

On the same day, I randomly came across this poster:

A poster about recording studio orientation

Although the second week was almost over, I decided to give it a shot and went to the link mentioned on it. And guess what? One quick orientation later, I now can reserve hours and record stuff in this really professional-feeling and cool audio recording studio! I don’t know about you, but I am super hyped about this!

Indoor, piano inside a recording studio

Besides all these music things, I also noticed resources such as the Makerspace in the basement of the newly opened Anderson Hall (aka New Science Building), which is definitely underutilized by students, including myself, at the moment. I will definitely go explore and build stuff once I stop procrastinating.

An dark, empty room in an empty hallway
I took this picture early in the morning, that’s why it wasn’t open

And obviously there’s the Writing Center in the Gould Library, which I haven’t got the chance to experience either (although I definitely will once all the papers and deadlines kick in). It is an absolutely amazing resource for all students to reserve, or just walk in and talk about their paper, and many of my friends have found it super helpful.

Indoor, room with big words "write here" on the wall

Oh and I almost forgot, there’s also the Career Center that I will soon visit. Although I am just a freshman right now, I definitely want to start drafting a resume or something so that I will be ready when the time comes.

Front door of a building with sign reads "Johnson House"

Personally, I feel like a huge difference between college and high school is that I now have a lot of freedom, time, and resources that I can control. With less scheduled class time, and more optional events and activities, comes the problem of keeping track of everything and making sure that I don’t miss out on appealing events or obligations. As an attempt to solve the first problem, I am now basically an expert in using Google Calendars (seriously, it’s soooo helpful).

Ethan's Calendar Screenshot

However, I have been struggling a bit with getting to all the interesting events happening all the time, I mean just look at this poster wall in the Language and Dining Center!

A wall of of posters indoor

And there’s tons more to be found on the campus calendar as well! I mean, how can you keep track of stuff that you aren’t even aware of? I will definitely be paying more attention to all the events on campus starting now.

Anyways, thanks for reading my blog, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Yichen “Ethan” Li

Ethan is a a first-year international student from Beijing, China, and is exited to embrace the environment and winter in Minnesota. Ethan is a huge soccer fan as he watches and plays it as often as he listens to music, especially a capella music by Pentatonix and other artists. Although his passions in Environmental Studies and Chemistry flow through his veins, Ethan is thrilled to explore other areas like Music and Computer Science in his time at Carleton. Meet the Other Bloggers!