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Quinn Loves KRLX!

Quinn writes about her one true love - the Carleton College Radio Station - KRLX.

Quinn writes about her one true love - the Carleton College Radio Station - KRLX.

Forget Disney – the happiest place on earth is tucked away in the basement of Sayles. If you head down the stairs and through the blank cinder block hallway, you’ll see a door on your right, covered in stickers and sharpie drawings. This portal leads to my favorite place on campus, the KRLX studio and record library

A light in the record library projects KRLX on the ceiling
A nice touch in the record libe!

What the heck is KRLX?

KRLX is Carleton’s student-run radio station, beloved by many generations of Carls. If you’re in the greater Northfield area, tune your radio to 88.1FM to hear 24/7 programming during the school year! If you’re outside of our (admittedly small) broadcasting range, you can stream live from our website.

Quinn puts her feet up in the studio
Point of view of a very lazy DJ who shall remain unnamed (me)

So what makes KRLX so special? For one, we’re one of the last colleges to still broadcast on an FM frequency as well as streaming online. Our record library also houses one of the biggest vinyl collections owned by any liberal arts college, and browsing the stacks looking for musical gems is one of my favorite ways to spend a lazy afternoon. Lastly, the structure of KRLX is entirely free-form – as long as students are adhering to federal broadcasting laws, they can structure their show however they wish. Students broadcast anything and everything – some of my favorite shows are Polka and Politics (for polka music and political discourse) and the MARS Radio Hour, where the head of our Medieval and Renaissance Studies department does a mini-lecture as well as spinning some tunes. Bill North has taste, folks.

Special Programming

KRLX also hosts some weekly featured programming. My absolute favorite is Live@, where we stream live music performances on the airwaves. We’ve had student musicians and faculty alike use their hour-long slot to perform originals and covers, showcasing everything from experimental electronica to jazz standards. A newer program is Short Course, an hour that is reserved for faculty every week. We take student nominations of which professors they want to hear on the radio, and we reach out to those faculty members to offer them a one-time show. For example, we had Dr. Andrew Carlson from the theater department and Dr. Pierre Hecker from the English department host a show talking about the Carleton production of Much Ado About Nothing. This is a really cool opportunity to pass judgment on your professor’s music taste and maybe even discover something new!

professor Alican Camci performing in the record library
Music professor Alican Camci performs for Live@

Being a DJ and a member of the KRLX board has been my favorite part of my Carleton experience thus far – I refer to the radio as my one true love, and will take full advantage of it for as long as I can!

board members celebrate KRLX's 75th anniversary
Happy Birthday KRLX!

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Quinn (she/her/hers) has deep love of the Carleton community; she says she is so lucky to be surrounded by such brilliant and kind people. Quinn is an active member of student-run radio station KRLX, the orchestra, equestrian club, and the music department! Following her love of music and radio, her favorite place on campus is the record library. And finally, a fun fact about Quinn is that her family helped to found the Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade!