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Organizing POC and International Student Events

Bennet highlights the work involved in organizing and attending a bowling event at Flaherty's Northfield Lanes.

Bennet highlights the work involved in organizing and attending a bowling event at Flaherty's Northfield Lanes.

Men of Color (MOC) usually has two bowling events throughout the academic year. In the past, the group usually collaborated with Women of Color (WOC+) for some of these events. This time, the event involved a collaboration with WOC+ and the Office of International Student Life (ISL).

In an International Peer Leader (IPL) meeting with Liz Cody, the director of ISL, I pitched the idea of collaborating with MOC and WOC+. The rest of the story involves event budgeting, logistics, and ten-pin bowling at Flaherty’s Northfield Lanes.


Such a huge collaboration meant that a lot of money had to be spent. We were able to secure funding from Carleton’s Student Association (CSA) for the event, thanks to Liz’s expertise in event programming. She calculated the cost of everything needed for the event, from renting 10 bowling lanes to estimating the cost of mini corn dogs. The budget she made helped Mustafar, Julia, and me secure funding from the Budget Committee of CSA.


Liz had made a signup document three weeks before the event for students who were interested. The event garnered the interest of 72 students who were transported to the bowling alley via three campus vans… and Liz’s SUV. This involved multiple trips since these vehicles had just a few seats.

Flaherty’s Northfield Lanes

Now’s the fun part. Upon arrival, all students went into a room called the “party room,” in which we were welcomed with food. It gave everyone an opportunity to socialize with other groups and make some acquaintances. Then, everyone had the chance to go bowling!

Bowling section of the Flaherty's Northfield Lanes
We had 10 bowling lanes all to ourselves at Flaherty’s Northfield Lanes


I came out first out of the six people in the first game I played. I hit a strike and got ahead of the second person by five points. The second game was awful because I hit zero balls in one of the ten frames, which pushed me from second to fourth place. Aside from preparations for finals and coding interviews, the experience was a way to take a break from academics.


ISL, MOC, and WOC+ members
ISL, MOC, and WOC+ members gathered for a photo



Bennet is from the town of Bamenda, Cameroon. He is currently undecided but looking forward to a double major in Computer Science and CAMS (Cinema and Media Studies). Aside from blogging, Bennet also works for the Office of International Student Life as a Peer Mentor. On campus, he is part of the African and Caribbean Association (ACA), Men’s Club Soccer, and serves as the Public Relations Officer for Men of Color (MOC). He likes spending his free time reading nonfiction books, working out, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.