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With only two weeks left to go, Alvin's term is wrapping up as is his soccer practice until next year.

With only two weeks left to go, Alvin's term is wrapping up as is his soccer practice until next year.

9 weeks have flown by, and I couldn’t be more excited for break. I’m still having a lot of fun here at Carleton, and below is a quick rundown of my week.

Monday: I had the pleasure of taking my last midterm for Calculus in the morning, and got to play in a dome again for soccer practice in the afternoon, which is always a great experience.

Tuesday: We traveled up to Macalester for our playoff game, which we unfortunately lost. It was certainly a bitter end to the season, but I can only reflect upon my first college season with satisfaction: I had a lot of fun and was able to meet and befriend a lot of really great people.

Wednesday: Wednesday marked my first day on campus without having to think about soccer, which was extremely strange. I felt that I had a lot more time and it took a few days to become accustomed to my new schedule.

Thursday: We had our last soccer practice out on the field until spring. It was a lot of fun and definitely a day to remember. Unfortunately, it was my last time stepping on the field with the senior class. I consider all of them as family and wish them nothing but the best for their futures.

Friday: Class seemed to fly by, as I couldn’t wait for the weekend. I would finally have a lot more free time due to the soccer season being over.

Saturday: I managed to stay productive throughout the day and finished all my work. I needed to host a prospective student-athlete on Sunday which would take up the bulk of my time.

Sunday: I spent the day showing the prospect around campus, doing all the things that I was able to do during preseason, such as playing pool, soccer, basketball, and ping pong with friends. At night, I attended a film showing for my A&I class.

It’s safe to say that the week passed extremely quickly (which seems to be a recurring thing). Anyway, I’m excited to see what the next couple weeks have to offer!

Until next time. 

Alvin is a west coast kid at heart (coming from San Jose, California), but is excited to start many adventures here in Minnesota. He plays for the soccer team here at Carleton and loves exercise. If he’s not on the soccer field, in the gym, or out on a bike ride during his free time, he can be found in one of the lounges playing Exploding Kittens, or in the music building playing piano. He is a potential economics major with an interest in computer science and mathematics.