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OneCard to Rule Them All

Fátima introduces the power of the OneCard.

Fátima introduces the power of the OneCard.

Two dining halls, where hunger subsides,

Four athletic facilities, where students get fit and stride,

Thirteen academic buildings, where knowledge resides,

One community for students to thrive.

In the land of Carleton where the bright sun shines

OneCard to rule them all, OneCard to find them,

OneCard to access all services and bind them,

In the land of Carleton where the bright sun shines.


What is the OneCard?

Author's OneCard
What a typical student OneCard looks like.

The OneCard is the official Carleton College student ID that everyone, from students to faculty and staff, gets when they join the community. Introduced around 2007, the OneCard’s many uses have made it a staple of Carleton and Northfield life.

In addition to serving as an Identification Document, which we can use to get those sweet student discounts, the OneCard is a literal and figurative access point for all campus buildings and services. Here are some of the many things you can use your OneCard for: (For a comprehensive list of all the OneCard perks, please watch this video starring iconic Math professor Russ Petricka.)

Access the Recreation Center!

With your OneCard, you don’t only have access to the Rec Center and other athletic and recreational facilities around campus, but you can also use it to rent out a variety of equipment.

Selfie. Students hold their cross-country skiing equipement while the sun sets on the background.
My friends and I rented equipment from the Rec to go cross-country skiing!

Eat at the dining halls!

The OneCard keeps track of your meal plan. You can use what we call “meal swipes” to get into Burton and LDC, and with some meal plans use your guest meal swipes to let your friends and family in too!

Eat elsewhere!

Thanks to both dining dollars and Schillers (money you put into your OneCard, so it works sort of like a debit card), you can use your OneCard to eat at any of our three cafes and also in several vending machines around campus.

Use the printers (and other Library services)!

Our OneCards also hold our printing money, so you can use them to print in any of our printers around campus. The OneCard is also what is used as a library card for you to check-out books or anything else the Libe has to offer.

Go into town!

Schillers, the money on your OneCard, works as currency in a number of places around downtown and Northfield, including the Just Food Co-op and Applebee’s!

downtown northfield
Downtown Northfield!


Access St. Olaf Services!

Basically, anything your OneCard can do at Carleton, it can do at St. Olaf, our neighboring college. Whether you want to shake things up by eating at their dining hall, wish to buy St. Olaf merch at their bookstore for some reason, or need something specific from their Library, your OneCard has got you covered!



After a trimester abroad, Guatemalan sophomore Fátima (she/her) is looking forward to continuing her pursuit of a SOAN major and an Educational Studies minor. In addition to blogging, she works at the Admissions Office and the Spanish department. Outside of class, Fátima can be found watching cartoons, poorly playing the piano, attending Bible studies, or desperately missing her dog, Cosmo.  Meet the other bloggers!