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One Down, Three to Go

Time sure has flown by for this Californian native, as he considers all that's happened since he's transitioned from high school to Carleton life.

Time sure has flown by for this Californian native, as he considers all that's happened since he's transitioned from high school to Carleton life.

It seemed as if it were just a matter of weeks ago that I compressed the last of my cardboard boxes and settled into my first ever dorm, ready to start my freshman year. Suddenly, the end of the year has arrived and it’s time for me to pack again. This academic year has been an incredible experience; I’ve learned so much and have met so many great people. Although I will only be home for two and a half months, leaving campus will feel a little nostalgic — not too dissimilar from the feeling I had leaving family, friends, and familiarity back home to come to Carleton.

Relocating from California to rural Minnesota was quite a significant change, but I immediately felt at home, due to the friendliness of my teammates, fellow students, and teachers. I learned a lot about myself during the fall term, as it was my first time living away from home. There is much less of a structured schedule in college, and I had to adapt to find the best way to utilize my time between studying, training for soccer, and hanging out with friends. Furthermore, class structure is also much different than what I had experienced prior to Carleton, and it took me awhile to figure out the best ways to study and find resources to assist me with my learning.

Winter term was definitely my most memorable term this year. I had hardly ever experienced falling snow before, and being thrust into an environment with so much snow and such low temperatures was stunning. The snowstorms we had were particularly indelible, and I certainly won’t forget the fun winter activities that we had, from taking walks in the Arb to soccer on the ice rink, and from failed igloo building attempts to cross-country skiing.

Each term seems to pass by quicker than the last, and I’m not entirely sure how we’re already in the final week of the academic year. Spring term has been a little bit more difficult for me — I’ve had a few issues — but in retrospect, it’s been a good term and I can only look back upon it fondly. Courses have been challenging but enjoyable nonetheless, and the Minnesota spring truly is as beautiful as everyone claimed it to be.

So, a year has passed by in a flash, and I only have three more to go. It’s been a memorable year, and I’m excited for what is to come. Unfortunately, this will be my last blog until the fall, so for now, all I can say is good luck on finals and have a fantastic summer!

Until September,


Alvin is a west coast kid at heart (coming from San Jose, California), but is excited to start many adventures here in Minnesota. He plays for the soccer team here at Carleton and loves exercise. If he’s not on the soccer field, in the gym, or out on a bike ride during his free time, he can be found in one of the lounges playing Exploding Kittens, or in the music building playing piano. He is a potential economics major with an interest in computer science and mathematics.