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New Trimester, New Classes

Ben describes his current classes and how the winter trimester is going so far.

Ben describes his current classes and how the winter trimester is going so far.

Phew. It’s already been almost two weeks back on campus! With new classes and winter fun, this term feels like it’s flying by. However, I’ve found that it has been a lot easier finding a groove with classes and my schedule this trimester than the fall, which has made the transition from winter break much easier.

Cross Country Skiers in the Arb at sunset.

This trimester, I feel like I got really lucky since I chose classes that I am really interested in and also fulfill some of the graduation requirements. Although it sometimes feels like classes move fast, I like Carleton’s trimester system because you get to focus on 3 classes at a time instead of 5 or 6 different subjects, so you really have the opportunity to dig deeper in each class.

My classes this trimester:

  • English 214: Revenge Tragedy (5 weeks)
  • English 219: Global Shakespeare (5 weeks)
  • Statistics 120: Introduction to Statistics (10 weeks)
  • Psychology 110: Principles of Psychology (10 weeks)

English 214 and 219 are both 3-credit classes, which means they run only half of the term and the pace is even quicker than usual! They are both taught by the same professor but cover different topics, and, this term, the classes are hybrid which means that some days are in-person and some time is spent on Zoom.

Revenge Tragedies for English 214.

Both Intro to Stats and Principles of Psychology are completely online, which is hard sometimes, but overall both classes are going well so far. Principles of Psychology has been especially great; we just finished a neuroscience unit last week and we are now starting to learn about sensation and perception.

I am so excited for what the rest of the term will bring!

Ben is a Michigander and freshman at Carleton who is curious about everything but particularly interested in Psychology and Neuroscience. He also plans to study Norwegian at St. Olaf. Outside of classes, he enjoys playing Appalachian music on the mandolin, reading, cycling, and spending as much time in nature as possible. Meet the other bloggers!