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My Winter Class Registration (With some Advice)

Bennet gives an account of his winter term course registration.

Bennet gives an account of his winter term course registration.

Hey reader! Today I’m going to talk about my course selection process for winter term, with the hope that you learn a thing or two that impacts your decision-making in class registrations at Carleton.

Usually, students have different registration dates and times which are distributed according to class year and priority number. Seniors go first, then juniors, sophomores, and freshmen follow. Each person is assigned a random priority number from 1 to 9.

winter term registration priority dates and times
I’m in priority number 3, highlighted in red!


At the start of the registration period, look up your priority number on the Registrar’s Office website to know your odds of getting your desired classes. My priority number was 3, so I was certain that I will get into the classes I wanted. However, I may not be able to get into all of them because I’m a sophomore; it is probable that seniors and juniors might fill up some of my classes. That’s why it is important to have backups!


Search for Courses Real Time interface on the HUB
Search for courses in real time on the HUB!


The “Search for Courses” features on the Hub  are useful for helping students decide which classes they want to take the following term. You can make the decision to either register, waitlist, or drop a registered class. Below is a list of the courses I considered:

  • Physical Systems: Mechanics and Relativity and Lab (PHYS 143.52)
  • Calculus 3 (MATH 210.01)
  • Swimming Instructional (PE 173.00)
  • Programming Languages: Design and Implementation (CS 251.00)
  • Film Noir: The Dark Side of the American Dream (CAMS 225.00)
  • Digital Foundations (CAMS 111.02)
Search for Courses Real ENROLL interface on the HUB
You can also select the liberal arts requirements you wish to fulfill!


I thought I was going to get into all of the classes except one. And my prophecy was true. During my registration at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, November 2, PE 173.00 was full. So there I was, on the waitlist, waiting for a person to drop the class so that I get in.

This is why planning is super important, why you should go to advising meetings, speak to people about your course options pre-registration, and read blogs like this for advice! Happy registration!



Bennet is from the town of Bamenda, Cameroon. He is currently undecided but looking forward to a double major in Computer Science and CAMS (Cinema and Media Studies). Aside from blogging, Bennet also works for the Office of International Student Life as a Peer Mentor. On campus, he is part of the African and Caribbean Association (ACA), Men’s Club Soccer, and serves as the Public Relations Officer for Men of Color (MOC). He likes spending his free time reading nonfiction books, working out, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.