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My Senior Year Room

Jack writes about his Senior year housing!

Jack writes about his Senior year housing!

This week, I settled into my senior year suite in Davis Hall. I’ll be living there with four of my friends, and I’m super excited for what’s to come! In this post, I’ll give you a mini tour of the space. Consider this post a natural follow-up to my previous blog about my freshman year room. If you haven’t already read it, start there!

The Layout

My suite is considered a “quint,” meaning it sleeps five people. There are just a few of these spaces on campus, and they all have various arrangements. Some have two bedrooms while others have three, for example. Mine consists of two doubles (two rooms for two people each) and a single (for one person). Within the suite, there’s also a common living room and a bathroom with two showers, two sinks, and a toilet. The two doubles directly connect to the living room, while the single is located down a hallway close to the bathroom. It’s a unique layout, but my suitemates and I are having fun furnishing it.

Jack's living room
The living room. Most furnishings are brought to you by IKEA.

My bedroom (one of the doubles) is located through the doorway on the right side of the above photo. That’s our next stop!

My Room

I share my room with Andras, one of my freshman year roommate matches. It’s a cozy but functional double, with two dressers, two closets, two desks, and four north- and west-facing windows. Both of our dressers fit into the closet, which frees up some floor space.

Jack's bedroom
My side of the bedroom.

Evan (my other freshman year roommate) will be in the suite’s single, and my other friends Marjorie and Kiri are taking the second double across the living room.

Things We’re Looking Forward to

The layout of this room lends itself really well to social occasions. The living room is a great space to watch movies, play board games, or play video games (Just Dance will be a suite favorite, I’m certain). As a group, we’ve also done cookie nights in the past, where Marjorie has ordered an assortment of sweets from Night Owl Bakery for friends to share (all courtesy of Marjorie’s mom). The living room will function really well as a gathering space for this, whether it be just the five of us or anyone else we decide to invite.

I’ll also add that the room is not fully decorated. We’re still debating on larger items to hang up in the larger room, like a tapestry. In my room, I still need to hang up some of my things, including my wall calendar and posters.

Closing Thoughts

One of the best parts about going to college is being in charge of your own space. You have total control over how it’s decorated, organized, and more. Take pride in this! It’s beyond rewarding to watch a space come together as a result of your planning.

Classes start on September 11th. By then, everyone will be moved into the suite. I’m really excited for what’s to come.

One of Jack’s (he/him/his) primary extracurricular activities is as a mentor and event volunteer for Project Friendship. Project Friendship is a community partnership matching local elementary and middle school students with mentors, like Jack, at Carleton and St. Olaf colleges. You can also find Jack spending time at the Oak Grove in the Lower Arb, working on his social dance skills, and serving as the treasurer for the Academic Quiz Team!