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My musical life at Weitz

Ethan shares his experience of learning music at the Weitz Center for Creativity

Ethan shares his experience of learning music at the Weitz Center for Creativity

Hello again! Welcome to my 2nd post ever!

After two weeks of classes here at Carleton, I am getting more and more familiar with the campus and the environment. I want to specifically talk about the Weitz Center for Creativity this week, since I have two classes and choir rehearsals there, which means I need to literally travel across the entire campus every weekday morning to go to class from my dorm in Goodhue. Seriously, it’s the longest distance between any academic building and any residential hall if you check the campus map.

Despite the 12 minute commute (I know, we have a reasonably sized campus), I really enjoy studying and practicing music at Weitz, and I have found many easily-accessible resources available in this complex building. And by “complex building”, I meant this cleverly-architected-enormous-structure-that-integrated-and-expanded-upon-the-former-middle-school-building.

Indoor, big and empty lobby space
Picture of the Weitz Commons, a space where people and can chill, study, hang out, or drink coffee from the Weitz Cafe nearby.

As a potential Music minor myself, I have only explored a small portion of the building that relates directly to music, so I can’t speak for the art/design/theater sections at all. Among the fabulous Kracum Performance Hall, Applebaum Recital Hall (where the amazing Carleton Choir rehearses) and other great facilities within the music department, there are dozens of practice rooms with great pianos available for Carleton students to practice in the basement of Weitz.

Indoor. Piano in a small room
A picture of one of the practice rooms in the basement of Weitz. You don’t have to be a music major to use them!

There is also the Music Resource Center that students can utilize and borrow instruments, scores, albums, and other music related stuff, and the Ensemble Library that can provide a variety of instruments for students to borrow, free of charge.

Indoor, front desk with blackboard on the side saying "welcome to Music Resource Center"
The front desk of Music Resource center. There are usually people behind this desk, however the person there chose to not be in the picture
Score of Carleton, Our Alma Mater
Look what I found among the collections!

And that’s all I have to say for now. Thank you for reading this blog! Have a lovely week, my dear reader!

Yichen “Ethan” Li

Ethan is a a first-year international student from Beijing, China, and is exited to embrace the environment and winter in Minnesota. Ethan is a huge soccer fan as he watches and plays it as often as he listens to music, especially a capella music by Pentatonix and other artists. Although his passions in Environmental Studies and Chemistry flow through his veins, Ethan is thrilled to explore other areas like Music and Computer Science in his time at Carleton. Meet the Other Bloggers!