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My Life in Student Government

Quinn highlights their involvement with the Carleton Student Association.

Quinn highlights their involvement with the Carleton Student Association.

Since my first year, I have been very involved with the Carleton Student Association (CSA). The CSA handles a lot of work, both public and behind the scenes. We help support and fund club activities, publicize events, write resolutions, and represent student interests to the Administration.

The CSA Senate comprises a diverse group that represents many student groups and offices on campus. The Senate is made up of three primary groups: Class Representatives, Office Liaisons, and the Executive Team. Every class year has two representatives elected yearly to represent each year in the Senate. The rest of the Senate is comprised of liaisons to different offices. Some examples are the Office of Health Promotion, Center for Community and Civic Engagement, and the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee!

The current executive team of the CSA
The current Executive Team. (From left to right, Secretary Alice He, Treasurer Quinn Buhman, President Jancyn Appel, Com. Officer Hana Horiuchi, and VP Mariam Zewdu)

My Roles in CSA

Currently, I serve as Treasurer of the CSA. That means I’m a member of the Executive Team, which is composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Communications Officer. Working with the Vice President and Budget Committee, I help coordinate funding of student events. This year we are spending over $800,000 for student-run activities!

I first got involved with the CSA when I applied and got the position of Secretary in my third week as a Carleton student. I had the glamorous responsibility of taking notes at both Senate and Budget Committee meetings. Working closely with the Executive Team, I learned a lot about the operations of both the CSA and the college. 

After my year as Secretary, I won the election to be a College Council Liaison. The President of Carleton chairs the College Council, which has a collection of staff, faculty, and students. It was also my first appointment to the College Budget Committee, which works hard to guide the financial structure of the college. Every year we make a proposal for the coming year about how to allocate the school’s money.

Senate members working
Various Senate members (including Admissions Fellow Nadine) working on a new resolution

Our Senate

I have really enjoyed my time on the CSA and have felt like we are making a positive change on campus. One common way the CSA can make an impact is through writing resolutions. This process involves drafting a document to encourage Administration to incorporate student ideas into things like the campus Plan For Inclusion, Diversity & Equity or the climate neutrality goal. We also serve as a method of communication between administration and students, with various campus leaders coming to discuss with the Senate frequently.

Aside from working to improve student life and the campus overall, I have met a lot of my close friends through working in the CSA. I find that the CSA attracts many kind, dedicated, and passionate people. I have made some truly special bonds working with the amazing people in CSA. The nature of CSA also exposes me to a variety of people from different grades and majors, forming bonds that would not have existed without the CSA.

CSA has offered me a great opportunity to work to improve Carleton alongside some of my favorite people on campus. I am looking forward to the next two years of progress!

Quinn (he/they) is a junior studying Political Science and International RelationsEnvironmental Studies, and History. Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, they enjoy walking barefoot in the Arb, looking for free snacks in department lounges, and searching for their next favorite book in the library. Outside of work and school, they are the Treasurer of the Carleton Student Association (student government). There, they oversee the budget as well as work with the Student Activities Office to manage clubs on campus. Meet the other Bloggers!