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My Last Day of Class

Sherry's last day of class before winter break!

Sherry's last day of class before winter break!

First of all, it’s snowing in Northfield! I saw quite a few freshmen taking pictures on the road and heard many of them screaming in excitement. Though the weather this year was warmer compared to the same time last year, the first big snow came earlier and lasted for a few days. It coats the whole campus in white.

The whole campus is now covered in snow!


What arrived at the same time as the snow was Week 10— namely, Carleton’s Finals Week. And instead of listing out the work I had to do for finals, I instead would like to share what happened on the last day of classes as the term drew to a close.

ECON 282: Theory of Investment Finance

My last economic class took place on Tuesday afternoon. Instead of covering more materials or reviewing for the exam, our professor designed something more interesting. As we were learning about different financial markets and investment strategies in this class, our professor invited a guest speaker— the CIO from Carleton’s investment office— to talk about how Carleton manages its funds. It’s interesting to see the real-life application of the financial models that we learned in class.

Looking back at our investment portfolio


MATH 236: Math Structures

My last math class may have been the most enjoyable one— we submitted our final take-home exam at the beginning of the class, meaning we were completely done with the course. In general, this is a great course with many interesting materials.

Our kind professor brought a big box of Goldfish and chocolate bars from her office and we started watching a video on Axiom of choice. The class definitely seemed very relaxed with the break.

A video explaining the Axiom of choice

ENGL 235: Asian American Literature

In English class, we discussed the last story in the required readings this term: “The Hull Case” from the book “Charlie Chan is Dead 2”. After that, we went over the logistics of the final take-home exam. It included two short text analyses, a paragraph on our understanding of some key terms in class, and a long comparative essay. In the end, we did a short course evaluation asking about the great aspects of the course, the potential improvements, and specific texts we liked. 


A visual map of how Asian American Literature has evolved


That was my last day of class before winter break! Best of luck everyone!


Sherry is a sophomore from Hangzhou, China, and holds a real passion for travel and food. She is thinking about majoring in Mathematics, but would also like to explore more in EconomicsEnglish, and French. Things she likes to do in her free time include hanging out with friends, taking photos, writing random stuff, and finding the funny in everyday life. She also got started with alpine skiing and is always ready for the trip to Welch Village every Friday! Meet the other bloggers!