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My First-Year Dorm Tour

Emma shows off her dorm room in Cassat Hall.

Emma shows off her dorm room in Cassat Hall.

So this year, as a first-year student, I’ve had the tremendous luck of being placed in Cassat Hall, which is (in my opinion, but also objectively) one of the best dorms on campus. 


dorm hall
Look at this beauty.


My Dorm!

Cassat Hall is right across from LDC (where I get basically all of my meals), and in a quad with 3 other residence buildings: James, Nourse, and Meyers. Fun fact: James and Cassat are connected by an underground tunnel! Don’t ask me why.

em's dorm
No, that is not a traffic cone under my bed…


And here is my dorm! It’s a 14.5 x 14 room with heated floors (which is incredible) and a great view overlooking the Mini Bald Spot. My roommate and I love keeping the blinds open during the day to let the natural light in.


cassat hall dorm
I should get bigger posters, I know.


One weekend, my roommate and I had the brilliant idea of making little spaces with blankets and pillows under our beds. All it took was stacking up all our luggage and the help of two other people to loft the bed higher. It was definitely worth it.


em on the laptop
Me writing this blog under my loft bed


dorm closet
Closet space!


All dorms also come with a snazzy mini-fridge-and-freezer-plus-microwave system, so no need to worry about getting one of those. There is also either a built-in closet or a wardrobe, a dresser, and shelves in each dorm. If you’re curious about more specifics, visit the Office of Res Life FAQ!

Read Ren’s blog if you want to know more about what to bring to college, or Andriana’s takes on how to prepare for your dorm. I remember feeling really nervous before moving in, as college freshmen naturally tend to be. But I had so much help (from the Women’s Track Team!) getting everything up to my floor and had a very easy adjustment. There are countless resources and friendly faces here that want to make sure you have the best, smoothest transition to college life. I hope to see you soon!

dorm view
A (non-winter term) view from my dorm room of the Mini Bald Spot!



Emma (she/her) is a first-year student from South Florida. She is interested in Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies. Emma is a member of TRIO and also works as an Event Manager at the Weitz. When not in class, she enjoys going to the Rec, riding her bike around campus, and drinking coffee.