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My Favorite Things to Do in the Twin Cities

Margie shares about their favorite things to do in the cities.

Margie shares about their favorite things to do in the cities.

As a Minneapolis resident who has chosen to attend Carleton, I don’t often go back to the cities. Often I don’t see any reason to leave campus, as there is always something fun going on here! But when I do head to the cities, there is always so much to see and do. Some are funded by Carleton, some things I just do with my friends.

Sporting Events

The most common thing you’ll find me doing in the Twin Cities is going to sporting events. The area has every major sports team and some pre-professional sports teams. My favorite to go see are the Minnesota Lynx!

Recently I got to go on the baseball field of the St. Paul Saints, our minor league baseball team.

Inside the st paul saints stadium
I served food from a food truck down on the field!

I also went to a Minnesota Wild game!

Inside the excel energy center
My friend got us free tickets!


Sometimes you get to go to the cities for free! My first-year, Carleton paid for and transported many students to Valleyscare, which is a Halloween version of the amusement park that is in the Twin Cities. You can actually get lots of trips funded by Carleton with the Metro Access Fund!

some friends standing outside valleyscare
Spotted in this post: Young Margie

Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) is an iconic and free museum in Minneapolis. Lots of art classes will take students up there for a weekend activity. I’ve also gone in my free time! Read about more art museums in the area here!

a bunch of horses from the MIA
One again spotted: Young Margie

Shopping: The Mall of America and Food

The cities are home to one of the biggest malls in the country. So if there is anything you need, that is the place to go! But I love going there for the food.

Outside of the mall there are also a lot of fun places to eat and shop. On of my favorites is Black Coffee and Waffle but there are so many other options for really any type of food you could dream of.

A delicious waffle
I could eat this waffle everyday.


My other favorite thing to do in the cities is go to concerts! I’ve seen so many good artists and heard of friends going to so many more.

Rina sawayama concert
Rina Sawayama was so so so amazing in concert.

I don’t often go up to the cities, but when I do there are countless fun things to see and do. I love Carleton’s small town atmosphere and I love the escape from the hustle and bustle, but I also appreciate the proximity to such an amazing cultural center like the Twin Cities.

Heading to the cities is by no means a large part of Carleton culture, but students make use of the large metro area whenever they can!

If Margie (she/they) were a place at Carleton, they would be Sayles, Carleton’s bustling student center! Margie is a varsity Basketball player, is a DJ for KRLX, Carleton’s student-run radio station, and occasionally participates in Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (CANOE). In her free time, Margie works at a food truck!