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My Favorite Midterm Break

Celebrate Midwinter Ball, Midterm Break, and a box of chocolates with Eve!

Celebrate Midwinter Ball, Midterm Break, and a box of chocolates with Eve!

Hello world,

How was your weekend? At Carleton, we celebrated a long weekend, also known as Midterm Break (a day off from classes on the sixth Monday of each term).

Traditionally, Midwinter Ball falls on the the fifth Saturday, so this weekend is usually a pretty energetic one. Mine was definitely packed with friends and fun, including a group movie night (we watched Annabelle Comes Home and Nacho Libre), Midwinter Ball festivities, and a trip to Mall of America.

I didn’t get to play a DJ set for Midwinter Ball like I did last year and one of my good friends was off-campus, but I got to dance and bond with this group (I’m in the navy dress):

Eve and friends at Midwinter Ball
Lindt chocolate

Movie night was on Sunday. Then, on Monday, I went to the mall with a friend. We bought and ate a lot of chocolate from Lindt (!!!!), including the varieties pictured below. Apparently Lindt makes a matcha truffle flavor now, so that was cool.
Lindt chocolate Lindt chocolate

On Tuesday, I also listened to some poems and stories at Carleton’s chapter of Define American.

Define American event

How is your week going?

Stay warm!

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