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My Fave Study Spots

Hannah describes her favorite places to get some studying in on campus.

Hannah describes her favorite places to get some studying in on campus.

When you come to Carleton, the one thing I can guarantee you will be doing is studying (I mean learning is the point of college right?). That being said, in a previous blog post I rated all of the classrooms in which I have had class. While I’m not going to rate my study spots (because they all have specific vibes for specific studying moments), I thought I would share some of my favorite places to get stuff done!

Sayles-Hill Café

Sayles looking uncharacteristically empty (that’s on me for taking the photo at a weird time during the week)

Sayles is a common study location for a lot of people. During the day people come and go in-between classes and especially during lunch time (Sayles has some of the best food on campus). Studying here can be dangerous, though, because the longer you spend in here, the higher the chances of your dining dollar balance decreasing. I go to Sayles when I have a podcast to listen to, a video to watch, or I want a high energy environment.

4th Myers Hall Study Room

Myers study room
4th Myers study room

The 4th Myers study room and I have a love-hate relationship. If I am studying in this room, chances are it’s a horrible hour at night or in the morning. It is conveniently close to my room, though, which is why I use it. So, if I need to get work done and my roommate is asleep, or if I need a separate space from my room for a Zoom call, this is the place. My only complaint is the lack of windows and natural lighting, because it makes it feel like I am in a vortex where time does not exist.

My Room

room study
My desk in Myers Hall

While some people don’t like to study in their room, I don’t mind it at all. Sometimes it’s one of the places I go if I really need to focus. I love doing homework with people, but unfortunately I am far less productive when I am doing it with friends. When I need to grind out a paper or big assignment, I usually head to my desk in my room. Plus, in the fall and spring it is fun to see what people are up to on the Mini Bald Spot. Frisbee is a common sighting!

Center for Mathematics and Computing

The computer lab on 1st floor of CMC

When I think about it, it’s a bit strange that I have spent so much time in the Center for Mathematics and Computing (CMC). I haven’t had a single class in this building, nor have I taken a math or computer science class at Carleton (I can’t say that taking a math class is desire of mine). I first started coming here during fall term because my friend’s computer was broken. She had to do her homework on a college computer until she was able to get it repaired at ITS. I have also come with friends who need help at the Math Skills Center, where you can get assistance on problem sets.

The CMC is another place I come to focus because there usually aren’t many people here, and I like to plan papers or assignments out on the giant white board (okay I also procrastinate while drawing random stuff too). Fun fact about classrooms: you can pretty much just wander into any old classroom and do homework in there (as long a as a class isn’t occurring, of course), which provides people with a lot of options for studying! The CMC also is typically open 24 hours a day, so if I have a late night, I can rest assured knowing I won’t have to change my study spot at 11pm or midnight.

Chapel Basement Lounge

Chapel basement
The Chapel basement lounge

The Skinner Memorial Chapel is not a place you would initially think of as a good study spot, but I enjoy it because it is often empty. I have even sat on the balcony overlooking the main floor of the Chapel if I am looking for quiet. While Carleton has no religious affiliation, the chapel is an interfaith space, and even if you’re not religious at all, you are welcome in the lounge and building. Often I like to read in the Chapel basement lounge, because the atmosphere is very cozy with all the comfy couches and chairs. However, you will want to take a nap if you sit on one, so you have to be careful with your seating choice.

Cassat Hall Basement Study Room

Cassat Study
A study room in Cassat

I have a couple friends who live in Cassat Hall, and so I tend to spend a lot of time over there. As one of the closest buildings to my dorm, Myers Hall, it is a convenient place to do homework as well. Though Myers has a first floor lounge, and a study room on my floor, Cassat has a lot of individual study rooms in the basement. If I am looking for my own space that is close to where I live, Cassat is a go to.

The Bald Spot

bald spot
Kate reads on the bald spot in one of the ever moving lawn chairs

Though in Minnesota’s current snowy state I would not recommend the Bald Spot as a location for studying, in the spring and fall terms it’s a study staple. There are picnic tables and lawn chairs all over the grassy area, and with warm weather and sunshine it is the perfect place to do some reading or writing. It is easily one of my favorite spots to do homework on campus (and I can’t wait for spring term!).

Weitz Center for Creativity

A common space in Weitz with comfy chairs!

Last but not least, the Weitz Center has become a study space more out of necessity than desire. Carleton’s campus isn’t super big, but Weitz is still a good 8-10 minute walk from my dorm, so if I am going there I try to stay there for a while. Currently, my Political Science class is located in Weitz, so I tend to get there a bit early to work on some of my assignments if I have time. There are a lot of great study spots in Weitz, and many chairs and couches to lounge (or nap) on as well.

In Conclusion…

Disclaimer: these are the study spots of a person who is more humanities based! There are dozens (hundreds?) of other places on campus to study. I know a lot of STEM focused people who like to study in Anderson Hall and other areas, and I am sure the longer I am on campus, the more places I will find. And of course, let’s not forget a classic: the Libe! There are so many places on campus, you just have to look for them!

Hannah is a freshman interested in Political Science and learning as much as she can about whatever she can. Born and raised in Minnesota, she considers herself somewhat of an expert on MN winters. She can’t wait for ice skating on the Bald Spot and Nordic skiing in the Arb, along with exploring all of the other amazing opportunities and activities on campus! When Hannah isn’t in class, she can be found reading, running for the Carleton Track team, watching TikToks, and tutoring with the Northfield Read and Counts Program. Meet the other bloggers!