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My Fall Term Classes!

Bennet shares the details on his fall term classes!

Bennet shares the details on his fall term classes!

Hey folks!

In a previous blog, I let you guys in on the activities I partake in for Fall 2022. I thought it necessary as well to let you know about the classes I’m taking and my progress so far.

The way I chose my classes this term is different from other terms. My typical schedule is a computer science class, a language class, a PE class, and another class that fulfills a graduation requirement. This time around, I decided not to take a computer science class to give myself room to explore other subject areas, especially the humanities.

CAMS 110: Introduction to Cinema and Media Studies

My Argument and Inquiry Seminar (A&I), called Drama, Film, and Society, inspired me to take this class. Both classes talk about film, although CAMS 110 goes more in-depth with film analysis. My professor, Jay Beck, is amazing at guiding students during class to identify elements in a film that highlights its main themes. I like him because his passion for film analysis and camera work makes me feel relaxed and encouraged to voice my opinions.

This class is important to me because I’m interested in computer graphics and want to one day make animated films. Our discussions revolve around the decisions made by movie directors when using camera shots like zoom, arcs, cranes, and Steadicams. This is my favorite class this term so far!


CAMS 110 lecture room
CAMS 110 lecture room is located in Weitz 133

DGAH 110: Hacking the Humanities

Just like CAMS 110, my decision to take this class was heavily influenced by my interest in computer graphics. Despite the many components of the course, its main focus is to find meaningful ways in which technology can serve as a good outlet for discussions held in the humanities disciplines. It is taught by Austin Manson.

In the past three weeks, I modeled a chair using Fushion 360, played around with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript, reversed engineered a Digital Humanities project, did text analysis on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet using Voyant Tools, and made a WordPress website. The class gets better every week!

DGAH lecture room
DGAH 110 lecture room is located in CMC 110

FREN 204: Intermediate French

Led by the amazing Chérif Keïta, the class focuses on discussions about Francophone cultures. The past three weeks have been incredible. I have read texts about the stories of migrants in the Francophone world and also watched videos about my teacher’s adventures in discovering some unique aspects of cultures in a few French countries in Africa. Chérif’s enthusiasm is what drives class participation and encourages me to improve my French conversational skills. 

FREN 204 lecture room
FREN 204 lecture room is located in AND 329

PE 145: Beginner Juggling

Aside from fulfilling my PE requirement, my other reason for signing up for this class was that I couldn’t get into the swimming class I chose. Nevertheless, I found juggling to be really entertaining. I went from juggling two balls in the first week to juggling three balls (and rings) in the third week. My aim is to be able to juggle five balls and rings by week nine of the term. Hopefully I get there!

Juggling space
Cowling gym’s gymnasium court is home to my juggling class



Bennet is from the town of Bamenda, Cameroon. He is currently undecided but looking forward to a double major in Computer Science and CAMS (Cinema and Media Studies). Aside from blogging, Bennet also works for the Office of International Student Life as a Peer Mentor. On campus, he is part of the African and Caribbean Association (ACA), Men’s Club Soccer, and serves as the Public Relations Officer for Men of Color (MOC). He likes spending his free time reading nonfiction books, working out, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.