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My Economics Experience

Ryan's thoughts after taking Economics classes for the first time at Carleton.

Ryan's thoughts after taking Economics classes for the first time at Carleton.

I was recently asked about what my Economics classes have been like so far at Carleton, so I thought I’d share a little bit of my experiences so far.

I hadn’t taken any economics classes before coming to Carleton. In the fall I took Intro to Macroeconomics, in the winter I took Intro to Microeconomics, and I am currently taking the Economics of Sports. I really enjoyed taking Econ in the fall, and a couple of weeks into the class, I realized I really enjoyed the material and wanted to take more of it. The material really interested me. I’ve since “decided” (tentatively, I won’t declare until next year) that I wanted to be an Econ major.

Willis Hall
Willis Hall, where the Economics department is.

One thing that has solidified my interest in the subject has been the professors I’ve had. I had really good professors for both my intro classes, and they kept me interested and taught me a ton. I was always able to ask questions knowing they would have some sort of answer or lead me in the right direction. They also emphasized collaboration, which, during class, provided a nice break from lectures.

I was asked about the workload that I’ve had in my classes, so I’ll share a little about that too. In my experience, the classes I’ve taken don’t require abnormally large amounts of work to do well in the class. If you stay consistent with the assignments, pay attention in class, and reach out to others/the professor when you need help (or when you just want to talk), you’ll do really well. Carleton professors do a great job of being available for students who want to talk about the material or about life in general, and they are a great resource for both. There was one time I went to my Microeconomics professor’s office hours to ask about a recent problem set, and afterward, we ended up talking about my career interest, how he got into economics, and even about lawyers at one point.

All in all, I’ve had a great experience with economics at Carleton and I look forward to diving deeper into the subject in my future time here.

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Ryan (he/him) is a freshman from Alameda, CA. He is currently undecided on a major but enjoys stem classes. He plays on the varsity baseball team and is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ryan loves spending his free time playing video games, listening to music, or spending time with his friends in the dining halls. Meet the other bloggers!