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Morning Classes Are Not Evil (I Promise)

Emma gives her take on early morning classes.

Emma gives her take on early morning classes.

When I was a high school senior, there was one piece of advice that I heard constantly from college students: do not register for morning classes. But I formed these biases against morning classes based on the experiences of other students. And (not to be really cliché) college is all about trying new things and seeing what works best for you. To my surprise, I’m 5 weeks into the 10-week term, and having morning classes has been great. Below is a list of reasons why I’m encouraging the fact that morning classes are actually not that evil.

They instill good habits.

Not an early bird? Like to stay up until 4 am cramming? With a morning class, that’s definitely a habit that won’t last too long. 

em getting sun
Me (on the floor of the Cassat lounge) getting time with my light box!

For some people, the quintessential college experience is staying up studying or hanging out with friends (or both?). But having a 1a or 2a class is a way to positively influence you into wanting to go to bed early and get all of your studying done the day before …hopefully. 

Campus is very chill in the mornings. 

campus in the morning
Campus just after sunrise (and snowfall)

Quiet alone time is very meaningful! And campus in the early morning is a beautiful place to bask in that. Whether it is during your walk to get breakfast or on your way to class, the peace and quiet before the afternoon hustle is so peaceful. I’ll usually head to the Rec before class, and I wouldn’t trade those silent walks in the snow for anything. Note: It’s definitely not as peaceful on the windier days. 

Also, in the early morning, there is no line for breakfast and plenty of seating in the dining halls. This is definitely not the case during the rest of the day. 

stack of banana bread
Stacks of freshly made goods in the dining hall (only in the early morning!!)

If you’re a coffee drinker, this is PEAK caffeinated time. 

Curiosity stimulated, faster note-taking, engagement with the professor, all yes. Nothing is better than the caffeine sinking in while being in class. And if you get to the dining halls before class, there is always freshly brewed coffee and teas awaiting. 

coffee ldc
The coffee station in LDC! (photo taken by the lovely Thea Zimmerman)

You’re finished with everything early! 

Seeing as I have a back-to-back 1a, 2a, and 3a schedule, it’s so nice being done with class around noon. I first wake up with the morning momentum and get my day started quickly (having a 1a is definitely a good initiative in preventing hitting the snooze button), and then I have the rest of my day to study or relax. 

What I hope to get across is this: don’t limit yourself! This applies not only to morning classes, but everything in college. If you see a really cool class when registering and it happens to be a morning class, go for it! Anyone can manage and it can most definitely be done. 



Emma (she/her) is a first-year student from South Florida. She is interested in Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies. Emma is a member of TRIO and also works as an Event Manager at the Weitz. When not in class, she enjoys going to the Rec, riding her bike around campus, and drinking coffee.