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Making Summer Plans

Bennet talks about his summer plans and how he found a job.

Bennet talks about his summer plans and how he found a job.

Academics at Carleton can feel fast paced because of our ten-week trimester system. Therefore, planning ahead is essential for every Carl, especially when applying for internships, externships, off-campus studies programs, and summer jobs.

I started planning my summer my very first week of the spring term. I emailed Mikki, the director of recreational sports at the Recreational Center, to work as a building monitor. Because I could not be allotted the full 40-hour work time, Mikki suggested that I work part-time for the Summer Liberal Arts Institute (SLAI) as a Program and Community Assistant. For the two positions, I completed separate applications. There were several factors I needed to take into account before making the decision.

rec center
One of the climbing walls in the Rec Center.

How did this come about?

My decision was influenced by the fact that I need to acquire a driver’s license. Since I arrived in the U.S. in 2021, I mostly spent time in Northfield and Minneapolis. Thus, I did not get to travel to other states and places. This summer, I am taking a month off to visit friends and relatives in DC and Phoenix. Additionally, I will go on a road trip with some friends. When I come back to Minnesota, I plan on taking the Minnesota driver’s test.

The Application Process

The Rec Center required a cover letter, resume, and interview. There is little difference in the way in which cover letters are written in my home country, Cameroon, and in the U.S. With the help of a Career Center coach and Student Career Assistants (SCAs), I submitted a decent cover letter and resume. I personally think the Career Center is one of the most valuable resources. It provides tons of services to assist students in creating a great academic path for themselves during and after their four years at Carleton.

After my application was accepted, I had a very fun interview with Mikki and got the job. I still had to complete my SLAI application to be fully granted a 40-hour work time. The application was quite brief—I just needed to submit a single form for SLAI.

johnson house
Johnson house, home to the Career Center

Aside from the Career Center services, the Handshake and Interstride portals are good for finding jobs or internships as a college student. Interstride is different from Handshake in that the content is curated for international students. I’ve found these platforms super helpful in planning for the summer.

Ben is a freshman from Bamenda, Cameroon, who is eager to experience snow for the first time. Aside from an interest in Computer Science, he is excited to explore Cinema and Media StudiesEconomicsStudio ArtCognitive Science, and Mathematics. At Carleton, he wants to participate in a few clubs and other campus activities, while keeping an academic-social balance. In his free time, Ben enjoys watching anime and random TikTok videos, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. Meet the other bloggers!