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Lots and Lots of Music

Hannah talks about exploring music performances at Carleton.

Hannah talks about exploring music performances at Carleton.

This week, I am going to start my post off with something a little different from my usual introduction…

I have a confession to make: I’m a band kid. Or at least I was in high school; whether or not I’m still one remains to be seen. Regardless of my title, since coming to Carleton, I have found myself missing being involved in music. Throughout my high school (and middle school) career, I was involved in band, choir, and orchestra. By being involved, I found that music is a great outlet when I am stressed. Despite that realization, my first couple of weeks here lacked a musical component.

So what did I do about it? While I haven’t mustered up the time or courage to audition for one of the music programs or to take lessons with the music department (maybe Winter Term?), I have been attending various concerts on campus.

Fortunately, there are so many opportunities to experience live music at Carleton. Unfortunately, there are so many concerts to attend that it’s hard to make it to all of them! Luckily, I go when I can, and it has been a great experience.

At Carleton, we have seven categories of ensembles that one can participate in:

That list doesn’t even include a cappella groups! So far, I have been to a Jazz and Orchestra Concert, and multiple a cappella showcases.

My view of the Carleton Orchestra at their fall concert!

Though I don’t have a photo of the jazz concert, I would have to say that the jazz and orchestra performances were my favorites (I blame the band kid in me). There was great music, and both were super fun to watch. Carleton also has some amazing soloists!

Exit 69
Exit 69’s performance in the Little Nourse Theatre.

I went to see my friend Gabe and his group, Exit 69, perform. The following day, I checked out some of the other a cappella groups, such as The Carleton Singing Knights, and the Knightingales.

Carleton Singing Knights
The Carleton Singing Knights performing at Kracum Hall.

It has been really fun to support my friends and explore all of the music options that Carleton has to offer! I can’t wait to see what Winter Term has in store.

Hannah is a freshman interested in Political Science and learning as much as she can about whatever she can. Born and raised in Minnesota, she considers herself somewhat of an expert on MN winters. She can’t wait for ice skating on the Bald Spot and Nordic skiing in the Arb, along with exploring all of the other amazing opportunities and activities on campus! When Hannah isn’t in class, she can be found reading, running for the Carleton Track team, watching TikToks, and tutoring with the Northfield Read and Counts Program. Meet the other bloggers!