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Looking Back at My Carleton Application – Part 2

Fátima reflects on her excitement to attend Carleton by rereading her application essays.

Fátima reflects on her excitement to attend Carleton by rereading her application essays.

Last week, I reflected on the things I wrote about in my Carleton application essay. Now, more than a year after I committed to the school, I look back at my application to see what activities I intended to engage in and which I have partaken in so far.

My Carleton application essays!
In case you doubted whether I still have my Carleton essays, I do!

EDUC 262

Without knowing what was to come, I wrote about what would be one of my favorite courses this yearCulturally Sustaining Pedagogy (aka EDUC 262) taught by the amazing Deborah Appleman was the first Educational Studies course I took. It made me fall in a love with a department I already knew I would enjoy.

The class introduces culture not just as a tool to enhance pedagogy. It as a vital social component to be validated and utilized in schooling. If I had any doubts about my intention to minor in Educational Studies, this course has completely resolved them.


Though I have yet to write a full blog about it (Kai has me covered on this), I have mentioned several times my role as a mentor for Project Friendship and how much I love it. Project Friendship is a local non-profit organization that pairs college students with elementary school aged children.

My mentee, Zoe, and I enjoying a beautiful winter day in the swings.
I love making Zoe laugh!

I have known my mentee, Zoe, for five months now. Spending time with her has been one of my favorite experiences since I came to Carleton. Getting to know her and watch her grow in her comfort around me has been an immense pleasure. I cannot wait to spend the next three years with her. I am also eager to continue finding new exciting ways to connect with the Northfield community!

Getting out of my comfort zone

Above all else, as a high school senior I knew I wanted college to be an opportunity to try out things I would not be exposed to elsewhere. Whether it has been learning to play the piano, rediscovering my love for swimming, or finding out I actually enjoy theater, Carleton has given me the opportunity to explore new facets of myself.

My friends and I playing pool at Sayles.
Playing pool is one of the many things I’ve learned to do at Carleton.

Fátima strives to learn everything about everything, but is especially interested in Sociology/AnthropologyPsychology, and Disney! As a freshman, she can’t wait to introduce her peers to her native Guatemalan culture, put in practice her newly acquired ASL skills, and play in the snow for the first time. In her free time, Fátima can be found watching cartoons, poorly playing the ukulele, or desperately missing her dog, Cosmo. Meet the other bloggers!