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Looking Back at My Carleton Application – Part 1

Fátima reflects on her Carleton anticipation by reviewing her application essays.

Fátima reflects on her Carleton anticipation by reviewing her application essays.

It’s been more than a year since I received my Carleton decision! As I recalled this momentous time, I decided to look back at my application essays. In reviewing them, I assessed how much of what I hoped I would do at Carleton I have actually done.

Cookie House

One of the first things about Carleton I fell in love with was its famous Cookie House. I would eventually learn that its official name is Dacie Moses House and that it has a rich history. I’ve been there several times with my friends to bake, cook, or eat brunch. Even my Christmas dinner was hosted at Dacie’s!

Dacie’s has one of the best atmospheres on campus if I do say so myself. Its ambiance is a product of the smell of fresh cookies, the piano music, and Maggie (the resident dog) sharing love with all. Whether it is eating, playing Battlefield, or watching a movie, Dacie’s always feels like home.

Julia, my friends and I at Dacie's
My friends and I had dinner at Dacie’s over Spring break.

Tater Tots

The second thing I mentioned in my essay was Carleton’s world-famous tater tots. Frankly, I have not the faintest idea of where I gathered this information from. However, as the potato lover that I am, it makes sense that this particular fact would stick with me. Though Carleton’s tater tots are generally very good, I must say that what I have come to love even more is the wonderful variety of potatoes that they serve! French fries, curly fries, breakfast potatoes, hash browns, baked potato bar… The list goes on and on.

Friday Flowers

Here’s an embarrassing fact: I have yet to partake in one of Carleton’s most beloved traditions. Friday Flowers are perhaps the most common of the Carleton traditions, happening every Friday (even during the pandemic!). Yet still, I cannot say that I have been a part of it. I guess I have been waiting for the “perfect” occasion to celebrate with flowers, but I think it is time for me to realize that every moment is a perfect excuse to show appreciation to someone else.

50 Things We Love About Carleton | Voice | Carleton College
Everyone loves Friday Flowers!

The Chapel

This is an easy one! I love the Chapel. Not only is it one of the most breathtaking buildings on campus, and likely the first one you will notice as you approach it, but it hosts many important events. From convocations and Sunday mass to other faith-related events, such as Taste of Torah or Queer in Faith, the Chapel is a busy and vibrant place. Even when I am not inside the castle worshipping or attending a fascinating lecture, simply admiring its beauty makes my day a little better.

I take more pictures of the Chapel than I probably should (this is not one of them though).

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