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How to Take a Whirlwind Trip to Copenhagen

Lynn just took an hour-long flight to Copenhagen on her OCS and gives us a suggested itinerary.

Lynn just took an hour-long flight to Copenhagen on her OCS and gives us a suggested itinerary.

So we’re almost halfway through our study abroad program when Carleton deposits 300 into our bank accounts, pats us on the back, and says “You’ve got five days. Get on a plane.”

I kid, I kid–this has been part of our itinerary from day 1, but wow my friends and I had a hard time deciding where to go. When I’m at home in Phoenix, a one hour plane ride will take me to one of 4 places:

  1. The desert of Northern Mexico
  2. Somewhere inconveniently outside of Los Angeles
  3. Northern Arizona
  4. …Eastern Arizona

But from Berlin, the options were exhausting! You’ve got Paris–you’ve got Rome–you’ve got Milan–you’ve got Oslo. At some point we just had to buy plane tickets to Copenhagen and hope for the best.

For your whirlwind trip, I recommend the following itinerary:

18:20 – Attempt to meet your friend at your stop on the train station only to find out that she is at a different stop.
18:23 – Travel to her stop only to realize that she has now travelled to the stop you were just at. Wow, communication is difficult!
19:30 – Arrive at the airport and marvel at the fact that you don’t even have to show your passport to get on an international flight. Reflect on your white privilege.
21:25 – Board your /delayed/ flight.
22:10 – Arrive in Copenhagen!!! It is so close to Berlin what a short flight wow!
23:00 – After figuring out the Metro, arrive at your Airbnb and collapse in bed. You’ve got a big day ahead of you.



9:45 – Chocolate croissant & coffee from Bodenhoff Bakery.
11:00 – Embark on a free walking tour of Copenhagen. See a lot of statues and fancy buildings. Talk amongst yourselves about being tourists and how little you know about Danish history.
12:25 – Realize that there’s another hour left of the tour and dip out! You’ve seen enough.
13:00 – Lunch at The Next Door Cafe! Cool spot with purple walls & yummy sandwiches.
14:00 – Head to The Tower at Christiansborg & wait in line to climb up for “the view!”
14:30 – Get told by Tower authorities that The Tower is closed for the day. Sorry!
15:00 – Explore “Det Kongelige Biblioteks Have,” the Royal Library Garden. Take some great pics and bathe in the sun.
16:00 – Head to Ark Books, an independent, international bookshop operated by a staff of volunteers who get to stock the place with whatever books they’re interested in at the moment! Drink coffee and chat with the volunteers about what else to do in Copenhagen.
16:45 – Stroll to Meyers Bageri because you want to try some authentic Danish baked goods. Surprise–they’re closed! Fortunately you’re on Jægersborggade, which is a cool street to explore. There’s a kaktus store to remind you of your desert roots, but it’s closed too.
17:00 – Discover The Vanishing Point, which is both an artist’s studio and shop. Every item is beautiful.
17:30 – Superkilen park! A huge pink park meant to bring the community together & which is popping with the community. Swing on the circular swingset, run up a painted hill, and try not to run into any bikers.
18:10 – Too bad the bakery was closed, because your stomach is rumbling! Get some groceries STAT, then bus home to cook.
19:00 – Roast some veggies & enjoy some delicate bread and cheese while you plan for the day ahead. Feel happy and excited.









Lynn is a Cinema and Media Studies/Women’s and Gender Studies double major. She’s from the desert! You can catch her telling jokes with the standup group Queens of Comedy and the improv group Cujokra, or trying to ride her bike without using her hands. She’s really into writing for infemous (Carleton’s feminist zine), working at Dacie Moses (the cookie house), and eating (food). One time she applied for a job at Cakewalk and didn’t get it.