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Hey Lady, Updates!

Getting ready to see Lorde perform, moving dorms, spring break, next term's classes, and more for Lynn!

Getting ready to see Lorde perform, moving dorms, spring break, next term's classes, and more for Lynn!

So, yes, I’ve provided you with pictures and lists — but what about the personal stuff? What’s this lady doing this term — how’s she doing — and will she be seeing Lorde on the Melodrama World Tour??? You, dear reader, are about to find that out. And more. Here’s my end of term update post.

Wow, it’s been a difficult term! As you’ll hear from most folks, winter is the hardest, because sometimes you just want to put down your work and soak up the sun. Luckily, we had a few days in a row of 40+ weather, so I was able to live my 9-week-long dream of wearing just a t-shirt as I stepped outside. Thanks, sun! As I’ve mentioned before, two of my classes are very production-based, which means that as finals approach, I have to check out a lot of equipment, ask a lot of my friends to quickly gain acting skills, and spend most of my time in the editing room. It’s been fine so far, actually. Or I guess I can say, now that I’ve finished my sound project (an improvised podcast!) and got pretty far on my film project (a fictional story about lovin’ yourself), I’m feeling fine. For my third class, I’m doing a project on laugh tracks as used in Seinfeld and their modern equivalent in The Office, which means more production, but also it means I get to watch TV.


Guess what else?? I’m moving! I decided to apply to live in WA (Women’s Advocacy) House for next term and got placed in a double! Very exciting. My single in Musser has been good to me, but I’m ready for a smaller, community-based living style. Currently, my only worry is whether I should stay on the dining hall meal plan or go “off-board,” meaning I’d be cooking all of my own food. I won’t burden you with the pros and cons list here. Stay tuned next term for some pictures of my new digs.

So I head home to Arizona on Monday, and I have Big Plans. My dad has to do some business traveling for most of my break, so he and I have to spend some serious quality time together on Tuesday — not quite sure what that will entail yet. Then, I get the rest of my mom’s spring break (she’s a teacher) to hang with her. And yes, on Friday, we will be going together to see LORDE. Mom & Lynn & Ella, together at last. What else do I have planned for spring break? Nothing too solid, yet. I have vague plans to go to the Grand Canyon, a wonder of the world that I live 3.5 hours away from, yet also a wonder I have never experienced. Some of my Carleton friends are going to be there for a class trip, and I figure I can knock out two sights (friends + the GC) in one visit! Along the way, I’ll have to stop in Flagstaff, AZ, to see my bestie-from-home, Alex. Then, before I know it, I’ll be back in the good old MN.

And what will next term look like? Hmm, let me think. I’m pretty excited about my classes–only two CAMS courses this time, as compared to the full load I have this term. I’m taking a Junior Production Workshop, which is a class to help majors develop their comps (senior projects), and Film History II. Mostly, I can’t wait for my third class, Writing Empathy/Writing Black Life, which is an English class taught by a Carleton alumnus that is probably a once/lifetime experience. I also can’t wait for the weather and to sit outside reading and for some of my friends to come back to campus. Unfortunately, I’m losing some important gals on campus — I have a few friends graduating early (congrats to them, sad for me) and one special lady is going abroad to London. I’ll miss you every day, Brynne!!!

Alright, did I do enough for you? Get a sense of what’s the happs for Ms. Lynn B? See you next term!

Lynn is a Cinema and Media Studies/Women’s and Gender Studies double major. She’s from the desert! You can catch her telling jokes with the standup group Queens of Comedy and the improv group Cujokra, or trying to ride her bike without using her hands. She’s really into writing for infemous (Carleton’s feminist zine), working at Dacie Moses (the cookie house), and eating (food). One time she applied for a job at Cakewalk and didn’t get it.