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Hello Winter Term!

Chi talks about how excited she is to return to Carleton after an unbelievably long Winter Break and looks forward to learning new things for Winter Term.

Chi talks about how excited she is to return to Carleton after an unbelievably long Winter Break and looks forward to learning new things for Winter Term.

Winter Term is finally here! After too long a break (as most of my friends had told me — a common sentiment that we all share), Carleton is kicking off a new year with the most exciting courses and activities that the college has to offer. And the weather as well.

Speaking of the weather, this will be my first ever winter at Carleton. After a seemingly uninteresting and underwhelming winter break, the cruel weather here made a comeback with strong, nerve-wrecking winds that feel like slaps to your face. Remember to eat up and gain more weight for this winter, or else you will get blown off the pavement (like how I almost ended up sprawling on the road the other day).

This term I am trying to test new waters by forcing myself to take a religion class, something I had thought I’d never see myself doing for the rest of my life. And I can surely say that it has been the most exciting experience for me. If anyone asks, I probably would say that everyone should take a religion class, because it doesn’t just revolve around the religion itself. On the contrary, it also covers a wide range of other subjects. For example, for the class I’m taking, it involves politics, history, and the way we read books. Isn’t that exciting?

I’m also taking an art class (Observational Drawing). And while I cannot say that my drawing skills have improved (for it has only been 2 days), I can certainly see certain changes and am quickly learning new techniques that I have never known of before. This will be a very powerful tool to have, now that I have plans and projects involving art to carry out in my free time. Let’s just hope I will manage it and won’t be swept away at the amount of homework that I have. First weeks are always tough.

I’m very excited for Minnesota winter, coupled with the time of the year, really reminding me of the excitement I felt a year ago, one month after I discovered that I got accepted to Carleton. During a span of several months here, I have tried things that I never thought I would do before. I never thought I would take an art history class and would actually be good at it. Never really thought I would send emails to professors in the middle of the night just to ask some questions that I have about homework and other stuff (yes, I’ve never really been encouraged to do so before during high school), or just to say ‘hi’ and send them doodles on the wall. Or be extremely excited about a religion class. I’ve always been shying away from any non-science class, and truth be told, I still do, but Carleton’s classes and professors truly help me overcome my apprehension. That’s what I love about Carleton: it pushes its students to try out new things, which really lives up to the model of a Liberal Arts College.

I still have more than three years to go, but I have not a single doubt that I made a right choice when I chose to apply to Carleton. But in the near future, I look forward to enjoying this wonderful winter term!

Chi is a self-proclaimed insomniac freshman zombie that always complain about not getting enough sleep, even though she deliberately goes to bed at 2am and wakes up spontaneously at 6am thanks to her roommate’s closet door. She constantly talks (obsessively) about how much she yearns to major in Chemistry and German, yet she’s starting to eye the awesome dark art that is called Geology with much desire. Meet the other bloggers!